Living The Dream

Living The Dream

I am pretty excited for some big things I have coming up.

Yesterday I took the plunge to register for Charles Poliquin’s Biosignature Level 1 in June 2012 in Toronto.  Yes I had to book it up ahead of time this far, that’s how in demand Charles Poliquin is.

The reason I am excited is because Charles Poliquin was the maing man that introduced me to “real” strength training.  Unlike now when I started working out like a million years ago there was no Google, there was no, all that existed was Fitness Magazines (Crap that sold lies and Supplements) and a bookstore I worked at called Coles (before they got bought out).  I worked in a book store as a kid (BY CHOICE) so that I could get access too books via microfilm and get a small discount.  So I was in Heaven.  I could find rare books on strength training & martial arts that normal bookstores didn’t carry.  Awesome deal.

However it was still difficult to find quality info, very difficult.

Then one day I found a magazine that changed my life, that magazine was Muscle Media 2000.  I will save that for another blog post because I am still grateful to Bill Phillips, Shawn Phillips, TC Luoma, & Charles Poliquin for giving us THE TRUTH about things like Strength Training.

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Back to my point.

I am beyond happy and EXCITED to be able to go and learn and write about the things I am learning to improve as a Strength Coach and to pass on to my readers and my clients.  You won’t find anyone more passionate than me when it comes to do with anything about getting Bigger, Stronger, Faster. I love it with all my heart.

Martin Rooney & Me (awesome!)

Having the opportunity to a few weeks ago get my “Training For Warriors” Certification under a guy I have so much respect for Martin Rooney, now I look forward to June when I can be a student under Coach Poliquin.

As well I am working on my Precision Nutrition Certification with Dr. John Berardi.

I met Dr. John many years ago when I attended a “Nutrition For Program Design” in Toronto as his loft.  It was a great time meeting John and a few months later I had him all the way down here to St. John’s Newfoundland to do a seminar on Nutrtition when we held our first “Heavyweights Classic” Bodybuilding & Figure show.

Dr. John is the top in the word when it comes to Sports Nutrition & Healthy Eating and I am pumped to be able to learn under him.  One thing though I got his book for Precision Nutrition in the mail last week and I feel like I am back in Univrestity judging from the size of the book and the material, time to start studying :).

Seminar With Dr. Berardi in Toronto

I plan to write and bring you the best information I can on anything related to fitness, strength training & sports supplements.  Just like many years ago when I would devour an issue of Muscle Media 2000, and articles by Charles Poliquin

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I plan to “Up My Game” and bring you THE BEST that I can.

So stay tuned for some great information, and some amazing interviews I have in the works.

I am here to help you and let me know how I can help you anytime ok.

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