350 Person Hurricane

350 Person Hurricane

A hurricane is a huge, unstoppable force.  Saturday afternoon at Perform Better Chicago I got to experience and help out in the MOTHER of all training hurricanes with the man himself: Martin Rooney.

Imagine the biggest workout possible; 350 people all focused, driven, determined and motivated to do their best.

It was like a rock concert on steroids, and the energy was absolutely amazing.

If you are not familiar with Martin Rooney and his ‘Training For Warriors’ hurricane, you can get more information on it HERE.

Words can’t describe the energy in this place and how amazing Martin is at “bringing out the warrior within.”  Everyone at this workout was focused, motivated and training like it was their last workout.

An amazing coach and leader tends to bring that out in people.

Martin Rooney has ONE appearance left in Canada  for his ‘Training For Warriors’ certification experience, and it’s at my gym, Heavyweights Training Center in Newfoundland.

Find out more about it by going HERE.


Find out more about ‘Training For Warriors,’ coming to HWTC in Newfoundland HERE.

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