5 Mental Strategies For Fat Loss

5 Mental Strategies For Fat Loss

5 Mental Strategies For Fat Loss


Losing fat and keeping it off is as much if not more of a mental game as it is a physical one.  The body goes where the mind tells i to so fat loss and transformation first and foremost starts in your head.

Fat loss starts and ends in your head.


Here are 5 mental strategies to help you with fat loss and reaching your goals.


1. Stay Mentally Strong

Strength matters both in the gym and for fat loss. There will be many many times where you want to give in, where you want to quit, when you say “it’s not worth it”, but always remember to STAY STRONG.

Temptation, doubt,weakness are all normal.  Sticking to your meal plan is not easy, some days will be harder than others.  Always just remember to stay strong.


2. Build Momentum & Keep It Going

One of the hardest things about “dieting” (I hate that world but you know what I mean) or changing your body is getting started and keeping it going.  Usually it takes a week or two to build momentum but once you get going and you get in fat loss mode it’s not so bad.

I talked to one of my students about this yesterday and we both said how nothing food wise really phases us now, the temptations, etc as we are both focused and the goal is in sight.

Sometimes you need to build momentum and keep that momentum.


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3. When You Fall Move Forward Immediately & Don’t Look Back

More than likely you are going to deviate from your nutrition program.  A donut (or a box of donut) might slip through.  Maybe it was a glass (or a bottle) of wine.

No matter what it was if you made a mistake you MUST immediately put it behind you and move forward.  Don’t let that derail you.  Get back on track immediately and let it go.

DO NOT carry around the mental baggage of 1-2 bad food choices.  Put it behind you and get back on track.


4. Treat Yourself

If you have the ability to control it treat yourself a little.  For me I look forward to a Saturday night “Treat Meal” aka Refeed.  It keeps me sane and gives me something to look forward to.  Maybe it’s one meal, maybe it’s a treat day, whatever it is learn to ENJOY and let go a little bit.  Don’t be that person where you and all your friends go for dinner and you show up with your chicken breast and broccoli.  Learn to allow yourself a little bit of enjoyment.

However don’t let that one treat turn into a weekend of all you can eat and derail your process.  Know when to stop and stay on track with your program.


5. Enjoy The Process

This happens to me a lot and I have to remind myself to enjoy the process.  “only 14 more days of this” when in actuality I should be appreciating that I can eat healthy tasty food and treat my body like it should.  Don’t think of “dieting” think of it as eating healthy tasty good food that is doing your body and your mind some GOOD.

Enjoy the process, be grateful to have the ability to eat the good foods that you do.  What we consider a “diet” most of the world would consider a luxury.  Perspective is everything.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you did please comment, like & share.


Coach Rob



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