5 Simple Things For Better Fat Loss Results

5 Simple Things For Better Fat Loss Results

I read somewhere that fat loss and “dieting” has now become more confusing than doing your taxes.
How did things go so wrong with fat loss and dieting/healthy eating.
I think there is TOO much information out there right now. Too many “diets”, too many programs, too many guru’s and too much information.
When it comes to fat loss and staying healthy I like to keep things SIMPLE and I recommend simple for my clients at HeavyWeights.

5 Simple Things For Better Fat Loss Results

1. Get Started NOW
It doesn’t mater if it’s Monday or Sunday. The best time to start is right now so get started.
You can’t control the past.
Focus on today and today only. What you ate the weekend you can’t control now. Didn’t train the weekend? Doesn’t matter.
ALL that matters is doing the right things most of the time and repeating that process.Get started now.

2. Set Your Goals


You need goals.

You need something to aim for, something to shoot for.

Set daily goals, set weekly goals, set monthly goals and set yearly goals.

Plan your workouts, set the times to train, set weight loss goals (Ie I want to lose 1/5 to 2 lbs this week).

You need a target to shoot for.


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3. Preparation & Planning Your Nutrition


“If you fail to plan you plan to fail” and this is the truth.
The best thing to do is do meal prep on Sunday nights and Wednesday nights and get your meals ready ahead of time. Planning is critical for fat loss success.
4. Learn To Say NO
Everywhere you turn you will find foods that you don’t need right now. At work, at the gas station, at the grocery store, everywhere.
This is NOT going to change.
I don’t see a new law banning chocolate and chips anytime soon so you better learn to say NO and develop some will power.
5. Get A Coach & Program

Get someone to take on the fat loss challenge with you. Get a training partner, get someone to share your goals with, get a coach to hold you accountable.

We all need coaches and we all need accountability. I have had coaches for training, for power lifting, for coaching and for business.

Don’t re-invent the wheel. Don’t jump from program to program. Don’t try to figure things out. Do what is prove to work.

Start a program.

Finish a program.

Review what worked and what didn’t.
Then do another program.

Always keep learning and find what works for you.


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