Are You A Fat Person?

Are You A Fat Person?

I posted this to my Facebook page and got some great feedback so I thought I would share it here.

“Because you have fat ON, does not make you a “Fat Person.”  Fat is nothing more than stored energy. It’s not a judgement, it’s not who you are, it’s nothing more than stored calories. The same way that you carry fat you can also not have fat. Don’t let your mindset set back your results. You can change, you can become whomever you want. Get laser like focus, commitment and a plan and become who you want.”

I am tired of hearing:

“I have a slow metabolism.”

“I have bad genetics.”

“I get fat easily.”

“I guess I am just meant to be bigger.”

…and all kinds of other crap like this.

Look, the bottom line is this: IF you already have yourself pegged as something, then that is what YOU WILL BE.

If you accept that you are overweight, and that’s your mentality, then do you expect you will ever be lean and strong?

Fat is not personal.  Fat doesn’t DEFINE YOU.

Fat is SIMPLE.  It’s a GENETIC DESIGN FLAW gone very very very wrong because of society and the “food” we eat (or should I say CRAP, because most food is not food, it’s crap).

We STORE FAT for the times when we CAN’T EAT and our body needs CALORIES.  This made more sense years ago, before sugar was available easily on every corner, and stored fat could SAVE US FROM DYING.


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Now “being fat” is everything.  It’s an epidemic.  It’s defining our population.  (Right now, 34% of Newfoundlanders are categorized as ‘obese.’)


You might be CARRYING FAT but YOU are not fat.


But YOU have to want it badly enough.

Want to lose 30 pounds?  GO DO IT.

Want to get a 6 pack? GO GET IT.

Fat is SIMPLE.

Fat loss is EVEN SIMPLER.

Make the RIGHT DECISIONS 90% of the time.

Notice I said RIGHT and not “easy.”  There is a big difference.

In my ‘101 Fat Loss Tips,’ this is TIP #1:

“Fat loss starts in your HEAD.  You have to be committed and focused and disciplined and have a GOAL.  There are many nutrition plans and training programs for fat loss.  Many of them CAN work, but the main thing is to do your best, and stick to the plan.  You have to really want to lose fat in order to lose fat.”

Raise the bar on your OWN STANDARDS and realize that YOUR BODY is YOURS.



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