4 Conditioning Drills For Strength Athletes & PowerLifters

4 Conditioning Drills For Strength Athletes & PowerLifters

If you are a strength athlete or PowerLifter the last thing you want to be doing is slaving away on a treadmill walking for an hour watching Oprah.

While I do believe that steady state has a purpose and can be used effectively at some times, if you are a strength athlete or PowerLifter this is not your best choice when it comes to conditioning.

You want exercises that will carry over to your sport, get you results, and won’t bore you to death in the process.


Here Are My Top 4 Conditioning Drills for Powerlifters and Strength Athletes.


1. Sled Drags

If you have access to a sled doing sled variations especially sled drags is very beneficial for strength and conditioning for athletes.

You will get a crazy conditioning workout, but you will also get to work on some important strength aspects like grip, using your lats, quads and more.

There are many options for sled drags like forward sled drags, lateral sled drags and backward sled drags.


If you want some kick ass challenging sled workouts check out my Sled Finishers Program.


2. Sled Pushes

Sled pushing is one of the most simple,yet effective training exercises you can do.

It will jack up your heart rate, help you burn fat, improve athletic performance, give you a full body workout and all in about 20 minutes or less.

Notice how I said it was “simple”, that doesn’t mean that it is easy, because doing sled work is not easy. It will test you both physically and mentally.

The better shape you get in, the harder you can push yourself so it is self limiting and always challenging.

You can do it for speed, you can do it heavy, you can do sled challenges, the list of sled work is endless.

It’s one of the best tools for a strength athlete for conditioning and fat loss.


Note You can also combine sled work with weighed carries for a bad ass combo of conditioning and strength.

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3. Weighted Carries

This is one of my favorite exercises for conditioning and strength and it really doesn’t get enough attention and use from Strength athletes and PowerLifters.

Weighed carries are another exercise similar to sleds that are full body workouts that will challenge you both physically and mentally. 

Here are some variations you can use :

– Farmers WalkIMG_2585

– Double Dumbell Carry

– Double Kettlebell Carry

– Single Arm Dumbell Carry (DB Suitcase Carry)

– Single Arm Kettlebell Carry (KB Suitcase Carry)

– Double Kettlebell Rack Carry

– Single Arm Overhead KB Carry

– Overhead Bar Carry

– Plate Pinch Carry


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4. Kettlebell Swings

I have to admit I used to think that a kettlebell swing was a stupid exercise and did more harm than good.

This was until I was taught how to swing properly.  A few years ago I did a Strong First SFG seminar in Utah with Pavel and Dan John and it was incredible certification.  It changed my training and my life.

Now that I have a better understanding of the Kettlebell Swing I can say that it is a great exercise for conditioning and strength.  This will jack your heart rate through the roof, it will make your hips work like nothing else, and it will teach you a hip hinge and a standing plank which carries over into squatting, deadlifting and sports performance.


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Note : It’s very important to learn how to swing.  I love the kettlebell swing but I still believe that if done wrong it’s one of the worst exercises you can do.  Just like the deadlift.  It’s not the exercise but HOW you do the exercise.

Rob’s Thoughts : The thought of walking on a treadmill watching TV for an hour is about as exciting and beneficial as watching paint dry.  Add in 1-2 of these conditioning exercises to burn fat, improve conditioning, and also to give you a full body workout that carries over into your sport or PowerLifting.

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