Don't Get Fat Over The Holidays

Don't Get Fat Over The Holidays

Minimizing Holiday Fat Gain

So it’s that time of year again, the next 2 weeks are madness and we all go through it.  If you are like most people the gym and eating clean is the last thing on your mind.  But do you think this is the right decision?  How often has Jan 2 rolled around and you felt like utter sh*t and regretted it?  My guess is that has happened pretty often, heck it has even happened to me many times and i am the so called “expert”.

Well have no worries because I am going to share with you some simple tips to minimize the holiday bulge 🙂  So pay attention.  I will make these easy to follow.

1. Enjoy Christmas Food

Wait what, enjoy Christmas food?  YES Enjoy it.  it’s 2 weeks.  Enjoy it. BUT know when to stop.  Don’t consider it a free for all. Enjoy some junk, pick, but cut it off.

2. Fast Days

A year ago I would have said this was B. S. but after working with over 50 clients this year with structured fast days they WORK AWESOME.  Add a fast day in somewhere.  24 hrs of green tea, coffee and grapefruit. It sucks but it works.

3. Workout Daily

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If you can’t get to the gym WORKOUT at HOME.  You can try Craig Ballantyne’s Holiday Fat Blast Combo or my good friend and top trainer Andy Pratt’s Warrior Built workout DVD. Bottom line you can spare 30 minutes EVERY DAY I don’t care how busy you are, find time to workout daily.

I strongly suggest you grab Craig’s Holiday Fat Loss Combo at a crazy 75% off right now as the sale ends in one day ——>> Holiday Fat Loss Workout Combo

4. Add in a Fat Burner

OK Most people hate to hear about fat burners, I love them.  They reduce the appetite, increase mood and energy and make me feel awesome.  You don’t have to use them, but they help me curb cravings otherwise I would eat 50 reese butter cups a day lol.  I am a big fan of Oxy Elite Pro, F-10 and Lipo 6 black.  More info at

5. Carb Timing

This may sound weird but try this.  If you know you have a work party, or a big food night coming up GO NO CARBS ALL DAY.  NONE.  Go low carbs, with high protein, lots of fiber and greens and lean protein.  So if you go ALL DAY with no carbs when you have some at night it won’t be “as bad”.  think damage control.  Sounds funny but it works!

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6. Alcohol

This is a biggie, I should have made this #1.  Oh well, CHANGE the alcohol you drink.  Best options are alcohol with diet drinks (IE for me Vodka and diet 7 up or water), Red Wine, and LIGHT beer.  Avoid the heavy calorie drinks.  this is a BIG ONE so re-read it and implement it.

So there are 6 tips to minimize the holiday fat gain.  You can still enjoy the holidays and not let your belt get 2 notches bigger 🙂

Hope this helps you, now its time for me to go eat a low carb  breakfast so I can have some post workout chocolate tonight!

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