How To Eat More Food & Lose More Fat

How To Eat More Food & Lose More Fat

I LOVE the look on my clients faces when I tell them that to “Get Leaner They Have To Eat More Food”.

I might as well have just said “You won a million dollars”, because the look I get is priceless, almost like they are expecting the punch line to come in a bad joke.

But there is no punchline, and the KEY for Fat Loss IS eating more, but there is more to it so keep reading.

Something I have been seeing too often recently is the “Brainwashing” from crappy magazines and large “Fat Loss” chains that have people counting calories & points.

It “may” have worked for some,  but bottom line is this, you can’t always eat “Less”.  It doesn’t work that way.  You need to get to the point that YOU are EATING MORE for fat loss, not LESS.

Bare with me and let me explain something that you need to know. This is really important and really simple but most people don’t know about it.

The Thermic Effect Of Food.

Pretty simple it goes like that, you have to eat food and food contains CALORIES. So by eating CERTAIN FOODS you will actually increase your metabolism (HEAT PRODUCTION), therefore you actually can LOSE FAT by eating more!

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Now this does NOT mean you can eat what you want and lose fat (silly rabbit if that was the case I would be eating Reese Cups Right now :).

What it does mean is the following simple fat loss equation.

Metabolic Food + HIT Cardio + Weight Training = FAT LOSS.

Alwyn Cosgrove Seminar

I just spent a weekend in Seattle and I learned a TON of Fat Loss & Muscle Building and I have been in this field for 15 years now. I learned a bunch of cool stuff i plan to share with you over the next few weeks.

Back to my point.

Metabolic Food = Food that BURNS more calories.  IE Lean meat is a better choice than sugar  Your body has to use a lot of energy to break down lean meat, where as sugar requires very little energy.

Another thing that makes food VERY Metabolic are Herbs & Combination’s of certain foods.

HIT Cardio : You want an interval based cardio program.  Steady state long duration cardio while watching TV is NOT CARDIO. If you are reading my e-mails and you are still doing this shame on you! 

Get off that treadmill, do some interval training, sprint training or a metabolic circuit with some weights. 30 seconds work, 30 seconds rest, repeat for 5-10 minutes after weight training and you will get LEANER FAST.

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For more information on HIT Cardio Interval Workouts check Craig Ballantyne’s Interval Workouts.

Weights : Yes weights for fat loss.  There are a TON of reasons why weight training is far superior to cardio for fat loss?  How many long distance runners you know with abs and muscle?

I think I know 1, and he is a FREAK.  So that shows that it isn’t normal.  Go watch a 10k marathon, if you see muscle I would be surprised.

You NEED WEIGHTS to keep metabolism up, to keep your body burning more calories 2 days after a hard leg workout, when you are warm and hungry your metabolism is WORKING.  Anyone that lifts weights know this.

So the plan to GET LEANER & BUILD MORE MUSCLE By Rob King

1. Weight Train 3-4 days a week (Upper/Lower  or Push/Pull), whatever the plan.  Lift 3-4 days a week
2. Hit some HIT Cardio sessions weight training days AFTER weights.  15 min.  Done.  On days you don’t lift do what you like.  Yoga, MMA, BJJ, Crossfit, whatever floats your boat.

(Diet is 90%), and check out Metabolic Cooking to eat the RIGHT Meals for fat loss (as I said,, EAT TO LOSE).

it’s 2 am, I had a hard workout and taught 4 classes tonight and I just had high protein choco-peanut butter oat muffin and I am getting leaner.  That sure beats starvin anyday.

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Theres my rant and some tips for you.



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  • Defining Balance Wellness Solutions

    Awesome as usual Rob! I am going to “share” because it bears being said over and over and over! Starving doesn’t equate to fat loss!!! Eat real food and lots of it! Quality matters!


  • Rob King

    Thanks Lesley & thank you for the feedback, couldn’t agree more 🙂