I Was Never “Fat” (Well…Maybe)

I Was Never “Fat” (Well…Maybe)

I just sent this to my e-mail list, and I figured it was worth adding the pictures and telling the whole story on my blog too.  I want my blog to be a real expression of ME and my journey into health, fitness & strength.

Here is the story, and check out the pics below.


This is a personal note on fat loss from me.

I have never been fat.  Sure, at one point I was very “round”, but I have never been fat (at least not in my opinion).

But then I saw a picture of me not long ago when I was going through Iphoto.  I realized that I was fat.

I was 228 lbs and I was doing everything I could to be big.  I am not a big guy.  I don’t have a big frame.  228 lbs on me is big.  Right now I walk around at 185-190 lbs., max.  At 228 lbs all I did was eat, and eat, and eat, and eat, and most of it crappy food (as bodybuiliders call it, a “dirty bulk”).

Well it was a ‘dirty bulk,’ because I felt like death.  I had no energy for anything.  My blood pressure was on bust.

I couldn’t really do anything.  I felt like going for a walk took too much effort and energy (and this would cut into my weight training workout), so I avoided anything that required energy.

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Honestly, I felt like total garbage.  Things had to change.

Even though I have never felt “fat,” I know what it’s like to feel like garbage, and to poison my body with bad food.  I do know what it’s like to be addicted to bad food. I always say that FOOD is the #1 drug on the market, and I mean it.

For example, last night when I went out to pick up some posters for HWTC, I was standing in line and I started hearing voices.  In the line-up I am being talked to by the big bag of chips (the huge floor display), the Terry’s Chocolate Oranges, and of course the HUGE Reese Peanut Butter Cups.  Everywhere you turn there is junk and crap food, and guess what?  IT ISN’T GOING ANYWHERE.

People now consider good food ” too expensive.”  This is not the case. SH*T FOOD is CHEAP, while good, healthy food costs whatever good healthy food costs.  I will NEVER EVER EVER think that “good food costs too much.”  The fact that I can buy blueberries for $5 a container and I didn’t have to grow them and pick them myself is a DEAL.

Getting back to my story, I have never been fat, and I won’t let myself get fat.   In my family I have 3 older brothers and 2 older sisters.  (I’m the youngest by seven years.)  Well, out of my 5 siblings, 4 of them are obese.

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I could easily say “I have bad genetics” (which I thought for years as I wolfed down pizza and red wine).  I could easily say “I don’t get lean easy” (as I avoided walks, hikes, sprinting and eating healthy, good food).  Once I accepted that the ONLY problem was ME, things got better and I got leaner and healthier.

When it comes to fat loss, I want you to realize that the first thing to do is to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for YOU and YOUR BODY and decide that you CAN and WILL CHANGE.

Is it easy?


But so what?  Isn’t it worth it?  Aren’t YOU worth it?  Since when did avoiding anything hard become acceptable in life?

Man up, raise your standards and GIVE YOURSELF THE BEST in terms of food and training.

After all, you ONLY LIVE ONCE and you ONLY GET ONE BODY.

Give your body more respect and attention than your car. You can buy a new car every 3-4 years.


Don’t hate it.  Embrace it.

Have a great weekend.

“Memento Mori”

Rob King


Me in 2003 when I was “Bulking”:

With my best friend Gill Mandville and me waiting to have a heart attack

“Power Gut”??


My 2 Fav Things.. Jeeps & Ice Cream


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Me now.. 10 years later.  A “better” version of me.

Don’t ever say it’s your genetics.  It’s your CHOICES.

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