The Importance Of Food Prep

The Importance Of Food Prep


After my email and blog post yesterday about who cooks & trains on Sunday I can’t believe the response I got both in terms of Facebook messages & e-mails!

What was even cooler was that a bunch of my clients in return posted what they had prepped for that day showing EXACTLY why I recommend it and preach doing this.  Because it works.

There are numerous reasons to prep your food 1-2 days a week.  I generally recommend that most people prep on Sunday & Wednesday evening.  I think I got the idea from John Berardi (I strongly suggest you read everything by “Dr. John”).

Anyways back to my point, there are many reasons for preparing your food once or twice a week. Here are some of the main reasons, if you have more feel free to comment below.

Main Reasons For Food Prep :

  • If you have good food available to eat as necessary you have far less desire to go hungry
  • Hunger leads to spikes in blood sugar levels which can lead to eating the wrong foods
  • Once you get your blood sugar out of whack your body can’t burn fat and in turn it stores sugars/fats like crazy
  • With prepped meals containing protein & essential fats your meals will help stabilize blood sugar all day long
  • If you eat every 3-4 hours you will not go crazy for food when there is nothing around and you have to cook
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By preparing your meals IN ADVANCE you can plan your meals and help you stick to your meal plan.  If you don’t have a meal plan I strongly suggest you get one and start it ASAP.  If you are just eating on the run and not having a plan my guess is that you haven’t made gains recently, if at all.

If you don’t plan more than likely you will fail.  Making the right food decisions on the run or making quick decisions because you don’t have food available will cause you to fail.  I have said a thousand times that you “Can’t out train a bad diet”, and this is true (as much as it may suck for all of us lol).

While on the topic of Nutrtion (which as I have said before I can’t stand lol), be sure to check out Dave Ruel & John Berardi.  These guys are the TOP when it comes to Nutrition.  As well Dave Ruel has a new book coming out soon called “Metabolic Cooking” which I will have a review online for in 2 days :).

It is awesome!

Hope this helps you!

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