What To Do When Fat Loss Stops

What To Do When Fat Loss Stops

It happens at some point.

Your fat loss stops and your frustration begins.

It’s normal and it’s going to happen, so here are some of the things I recommend to my clients to help them get results and keep moving forward.


1. Be Honest With Yourself & Your Coach

Every week with our programs we do weigh-ins.  With our weigh-ins, it gives us a chance to check our clients’ body weight, but it’s also a time when we get to chat and see how things are really going.

Many times I ask people how their nutrition and training is going and often times I hear “It’s perfect,” or “It couldn’t be better.”  Then they are up in weight on the scales.

This can happen for sure, but generally what they’re saying is not the truth.  I have had it happen many times where a client says things are ‘perfect,’ only to go run and tell their group “Yeah, I was drinking wine last night…still down on the scales, perfect.”

This is not being truthful to yourself OR to your coach (Me). Remember that in the end the only person you are cheating is yourself.

Be true to yourself, give your training and nutrition the best attention you can, don’t lie, and don’t think you are fooling anyone.  If you are doing things RIGHT and being honest, then we can look at many other things that could be causing the weight loss to stop.



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2. Watch For Over -Training

Over-training can be one of the worst things to stop fat loss.

When you are training 2 or 3 times a day this can actually work against you for fat loss.  Add on top of that the fact that if you’re training so much, chances are you’re probably also training 6 or even 7 days a week, and you could compound the problem.  It’s always good to remember that you get better when you REST & RECOVER.

More is not always better when it comes to training, quality is usually more important than quantity.

If you are over-training, this can lead to an increase of Cortisol and throw your muscle building and fat loss off track.  Managing Cortisol is very important, but when your body can’t deal with cortisol properly, you start storing fat and losing muscle.  Not so good.

Take at least 1-2 days a week off from your training.

Listen to your body.  When you are tired rest, recharge, and come back stronger to fight another day.

Symptoms of over-training include: lack of appetite, low drive and energy, trouble sleeping, lack of motivation and loss of sex drive and strength.


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3. Pay Attention To Sleep

Are you sleeping enough?  How about the quality of your sleep?

Are you getting 6-8 hours of quality sleep or are you tossing and turning?

Sleep and quality of sleep are very important.  In this day and age of the ‘go-go-go!’ mentality, resting, relaxing and sleeping are frowned upon.  But sleep is incredibly important for athletes.

If you want better repair and recovery, make sure you are getting quality sleep.

I highly recommend Zinc & Vitamin C before bed.  I have been using Poliquin Supplements Topical and Oral Magnesium (switching them up) and I have also been taking 2 grams of vitamin C before bed.  (As well, I usually have a glass of red wine.)

I had trouble sleeping for years but I have to say this combo really helps.


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4. Get Your Hormones Checked

Our body is a crazy chemistry experiment 24/7.  Everything you do, everything you eat, everything that is going on is sending signals to your body and your brain non-stop.  If your hormones aren’t working the way they should, fat loss and muscle gain can stop, or even go the opposite direction.

Some of the key hormones I get my clients to get checked are:

– Thyroid Hormone

– Testosterone/Estrogen

– Blood Work (not a hormone test but blood work can tell a lot)

– Leptin (Leptin is not working properly you will not burn fat well.  This is why scheduled “Treat meals” work very well.  More info on this soon)

– Growth Hormone (I don’t think this can be tested for, but it’s worth pointing out that if your growth hormone isn’t working properly, your fat loss will not be efficient).


5. Get a allergy test done; especially for gluten

Gluten for some people is not good.  I will be writing another blog post on Gluten soon so stay tuned.  But gluten can cause sever inflammation and stop fat loss in it’s tracks.

Another big issue is food allergies to common foods from eating them too often.  This happens a LOT with people doing bodybuilding and figure shows where they eat the same foods day in day out and then the body develops an intolerance.  It’s why someone eating lean proteins like chicken and egg whites can still gain weight while consuming very few calories.

It’s always important to have an allergy test done to make sure your body is able to deal with the foods you’re putting in it.

Keep in mind that fat loss is NEVER as simple as calories in calories out.  That’s the old equation.  Please, don’t believe that.  Fat loss is so much more complicated.  Remember: be honest, train responsibly, have your hormones and possible allergies tested and above all, listen to your body!  Sometimes, an easy fix, like f=getting more sleep can get your fat-loss back on track!


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