My First Post On – 5 Things You Must Do Every Day To Stay Strong

My First Post On – 5 Things You Must Do Every Day To Stay Strong

One of my biggest influences in my training life has been Jason Ferruggia.

I started reading Jason Ferruggia’s Blog many years ago when I got tired of reading fitness magazines featuring strength training articles from pros that do not work for non chemically enhanced individuals.

Jay’s articles on training were light in the darkness for me and to this day it’s still one of the best resource on training and nutrition for natural trainers.

A few years ago I made it a point to connect with Jay and go learn from him and meet him personally.

So we packed it up and headed down to New Jersey for a two day workshop at The Renegade Gym.

We had an amazing experience and I got to know Jay personally and over the last few years we have connected often and he has has been a tremendous help to me both personally and professionally.

I am really excited to have my first of many articles on one of the top fitness sites on the internet and that is

If you are an over 35+ lifter this one will help you big time.

Check out my article on “5 Things You Must Do Every Day To Stay Strong”.


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Check out Jay’s blog at

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