From Shy Girl To Bikini Stage – Megan Carroll – HW Success Story

From Shy Girl To Bikini Stage – Megan Carroll – HW Success Story

I have been a shy person for my entire life.  It was like I was my own nemesis, and it has stopped me from doing so many things over the years.

Last year I heard about Heavyweights Training Center and all the wonderful things they were doing.  I got curious and started following them on Facebook and reading Rob’s blog posts.

From that moment on I became a little bit obsessed.

I immediately wanted to be a part of it…to have a transformation of my own…


BUT then out jumps my nemesis, that voice in my head, to stop me in my tracks.  “You are too shy, you are too shy, you are too shy….”  That was that.  I couldn’t get the nerve up to join.


Score: Nemesis 1, Me 0.  RobKing-iPad_image_StrongHerIn42-StrenghtTrainingProgram

I then heard about the online programs (Rippedin42 Online & StrongHerin42 Online) and I figured that was perfect…right up my alley.

Onwards and upwards.

The first Heavyweights program I did was Ripped in 42 (online of course).  I lost 14 lbs and 12″.  I was really happy with my results, but I couldn’t help but think how much better I would have done if I got the nerve up to do a program at the gym.

Then my sister Lynette decided to join.

I considered it, but I still didn’t have the nerve.

Score:  Nemesis 2, Me 0.

I decided it was ‘bout time to even the score.  I would take the next 6 weeks (while my sister was doing the program), and I would get myself PullUpsForWomen_ecoverready, both mentally and physically to do the next program alongside her, in-house at HWTC!

In the meantime, I came across a blog post by Rob on “Pull-ups” and how 99% of girls can’t do them.

Reading that pretty much lit a fire under my ass.

We had a pull up bar at the house that up to this point had mastered the art of collecting dust!

I put it on top of my room door (which thankfully happened to be the only door in the house where it fit) and I had to walk under it every time I went in to or out of my room.

I practiced them every day…To hell with the 99%; it was time to be in the 1% for a change!

The time had come to make my decision.  Lynette had completed her first program and was going back to do StrongHer in 42.

She was pushing me hard to join with her;  telling me that now was my chance to do it with a ‘partner in crime.’ With a little coaxing, StrongHer in 42 was my first program at HWTC.


Score: Nemesis 2, Me 1.

However, I’m not going to lie…at first I didn’t like it.  My nemesis was rearing its ugly head…

I was way too shy.  I had a knot in my stomach just thinking about going to the gym.  I forced myself (and it helped knowing Lynette would have killed me if I quit LOL) to give it a chance.  I kept saying to myself, it’s only 6 weeks…you can do anything for 6 weeks.

“Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable”


That line is one of the mottos at Heavyweights.

There was never a more true statement for me than that.  It’s what I did every day for 6 weeks, and there was nothing easy about it.

Still, with time, the knot in my stomach got smaller and smaller.  The shyness was still hovering but it was balanced out by my love of the place and its people.

The next challenge in my journey was CST Elite.

Rob asked me to join CST Elite at the end of my StrongHer Program.  I thought that was pretty cool, BUT I would have to join by myself.  The thought of that almost scared the s**t out of me, but yet again I forced myself to give it a try.

I conquered the first program, and I decided that I would conquer this too.

Score: Nemesis 2, Me 2.

New program, new people…it took some getting used to, but I did stay with it.  In the end I loved it, and I made some really good friends.

A short time later, the buzz started about the NLABBA Competition.

It was just a dream.  The idea of it was awesome…something I would think about but never do because “I was too shy.”

Then the dreaded moment came; Rob asked me to compete.  I laughed and laughed.  I thought, he is completely nuts, OUT TO LUNCH.  It almost killed me to get into the gym, and he was asking me to get on stage in front of 100’s of people with very little on. It was complete craziness to even think about…It was just a dream.

He kept asking, and I kept saying no.  Thankfully Rob did not give up on me.  He continued to ask (or tell me, lol), continued to support, and continued to push me to be the best ‘me’ possible.

I went home and said “Lynette, Rob really thinks I should compete at the NLABBA Show.”  She told me that was awesome, and I told her I couldn’t to do it.

She said, “OK…Wait.  Are you saying you can’t because you are not interested? If so, fair enough.  Or are you saying you can’t because you think you are too shy? If so, get over it, listen to Rob, and DO IT!”  (There may have been more colourful language but I think it best to leave that out!)

Before I knew it, I was training for my first bikini competition.  I was a little frightened, but very surprisingly I felt super-excited.  I trained hard with the support of Rob and the Heavyweights team, and I did step on that stage!

As much as I would have loved to place, I didn’t and truthfully, I didn’t care about winning because I won something a whole lot bigger than a trophy the minute I walked on stage.


Nemesis Be Damned

Thank you Heavyweights!

There is something to be said about family.

Your family is a group of people that believe in you no matter what the odds.  Often, it is their belief in us that makes us work so hard to not let them down.

If you’re lucky, then you find this second family who doesn’t know you, and who owes you nothing and unlike your first family you have no expectations of them…yet they too believe in you.

They see your potential even when you don’t, and they work with you tirelessly to pull it out (in my case, kicking and screaming LMAO).   For me, that second family is Heavyweights!

Anyone who has been a part of Heavyweights understands what this feels like…it creates a need to push yourself, to make them proud and most importantly to not let them down.

“Saying Heavyweights Training Centre changed my life is an understatement.”

I still struggle with shyness, but it is no longer in the driver’s seat.

It does not dictate my life anymore and I owe that to Rob and the Heavyweights team.

Everyone has a happy place, and HWTC is that place for me.

I now spend more time there than I do at home.  I am so thankful and proud to be a part of the Heavyweights family!!






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