Fit Body BootCamp Hits Newfoundland!

Fit Body BootCamp Hits Newfoundland!

It was Christmas 2006, I was 20 years old and 204lbs. One photograph is all it took for my eyes to open and realize how unhappy I was with what I had become. I had high cholesterol, could not walk up a flight of stairs without being out of breath, but most of all I felt trapped inside oversized cloths and an unhealthy body. I ate what ever I wanted and when ever I wanted. I never stopped to think about the food I put in my body and how that effected my health which contributed to my gradual weight gain in my teenage years. I was 20 years old and following in the same steps as my grandmother and aunt who are both morbidly obese.

It all began when I arrived home from Christmas vacation in 2006 from a nice visit with my family.

Every time I went to see my mother she would comment how each visit she noticed I would get bigger and bigger. Being a concerned parent especially looking at my fathers side of the family, obesity was an issue and a huge problem. I would get so angry with her when she pointed out that my weight was becoming a problem and she would always say to me “Your going to end up just like your grandmother and Aunt Michelle!”. I shook my head and furiously shout back at her I would’nt end up like them and wished she would leave me alone.

Nothing could prepare me for the first glimpse I had of the now infamous Christmas photo that my mother emailed me in January 2007. I stared at the computer screen and all I could think of was oh my god I am HUGE! How did I get this big? How did I not see myself get this BIG? I was only a few steps behind my aunt and grandmother and in fact I WAS considered obese according to the BMI (Body Mass Index). I loathed looking at that photo and wished it was a lie. It was true.

I decided that I was going to make a change in my life. I was unhappy and miserable about the image I seen in the mirror. I felt unattractive and ugly. The word “sexy” was something I never felt nor did I know what it was supposed to feel like. I was a fat girl who hated my body and finally convinced myself that enough was enough. But where to start? I had never been physically active before and I didn’t play any sports so how was I going to change?

I began small by changing my food choices and took baby steps into the University gym. I had never used any cardio machines before and felt that I needed to lose some weight BEFORE going into the gym. I was health and fitness illiterate and felt like I was swimming in the sea without a life jacket! I was intimated by the slender fit girls at the gym and felt like I didn’t belong there. Being stubborn and determined I pushed my emotions aside and told myself that I had to push myself to change. No one was going to force me to be there and no one was going to take my spoon out of the ice cream.

It was my drive and determination which fueled me to change my life. In as little as eight months I lost 60lbs on my own. I struggled and faced many challenges along the way which I did not have the knowledge to overcome.

Many times I became discouraged especially with my lack of knowledge in fitness and nutrition. Also I later came to realize that support is another crucial factor for success.

Knowledge and support are the key ingredients for success which I had struggled to attain what I have today. Becoming educated, asking questions, looking for advice, receiving encouragement and pushing myself was what helped me on this journey.

Failure was not an option and once I reached my goals it no longer became a struggle. Using my knowledge and passion for what I have accomplished I’m coasting along living a healthy and happy life.

The hardest way to change your lifestyle is alone because it can lead you to many dead ends and feeling helpless. I am living proof that hard work and determination can let you attain anything you want in your life. Today as I write this I am happy, healthy, and living life to the fullest. “Sexy” is a word I use often and I love the way it feels.

For those of you who think you cant do what I did or you don’t have the drive to do it your WRONG!

Take baby steps and set small goals. Losing a pant size or a dress size will make you feel so amazing how could you not want to feel that natural high all the time. Its the little successes and small goals that will help push you along the way and make the end result seem less of a dream but rather a reality. I live my reality everyday but I cant help but remember how I got here. It all started with one picture.

Fit Body BootCamp is finally hitting Newfoundland!

To be a part of this amazing experience sign up for more information now!

Classes will begin Monday May 2nd at 6 am at Heavyweights Training Center.

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