It’s Bad for Ya!

It’s Bad for Ya!

It’s Bad For Ya!

I am so sick of hearing this from people, but first let me back up and explain before my rant begins.

So the other night I rent George Carlin Stand Up “It’s Bad For Ya’ (If you haven’t seen it rent it asap).ย  Anyways George is a Jenius (yes Jenius with a J!), the guy is intelligent, articulate, demented and then some.ย  If you like Carlin you will understand what I mean.

Anyways Carlin is basically ranting about how in this day and age everything is bad for us and everything is gonna kill us.

It got me thinking about all the things I am beyond sick of hearing regarding fitness or working out, If I have to hear one ofย  these one more time I will seriously go postal.

Here are just a few that in my job I am going to hear daily

“Creatine, that’s hard on your kidneys”

“Too much protein is bad for your kidneys”

“I Don’t Want To Get Too Big”

“Squats Are Bad On The Knee’s”

“I’m Not Fan, I’m Just Holding A Lot Of Water”

“How Much Are Steroids?”

“Can’t I Just Take A Pill?”

“What About Drinking While On The Nutrition Plan”

That is just a few, trust me there are many more :).

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Here is what really pisses me off, as soon as someone says Creatine or Supplements, BOOM it’s Bad For Ya and it seems everyone’s duty to point it out (even though it’s not true).

I have an idea, let’s go give shit to people in the drug stores buying 12 / 2l of pop beverages about how that is bad for them.

Next stop grocery stores where people LOAD their carts with utter crap.

Last let’s not forget our amazing “Fast Food” restaurants that poison us.

I HATE that I hear how “bad something is for me” regarding anything related to fitness, yet no one dare say anything if your eating fast food or drinking liquid sugar.

Creatine is bad for me but that fast food oh…that’s ok…. enjoy!


Anyways the next time someone says that “Too Much Protein is bad on my kidneys” I will try not to scissor kick that person in the head.

That’s my rant, I feel better now.

Here is some George Carlin For Ya To Enjoy!


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  • Great post Rob, I couldn’t agree more. And thanks for posting the George Carlin vids… I got a good giggle out of them, I love it when people tell it like it is ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rob King

    Thanks Lee. I hate it when people tell me they are worried about something like Creatine yet they have no problem eating Take Out & Drinkin twice a week. Go figure!

  • Derek

    Everythings bad for ya (haha)…always been a big fan of Carlin. ๐Ÿ™‚