The Hangover – Rob King Style

The Hangover – Rob King Style

So I have been in Las Vegas for what seems like an eternity now.  Two weeks of Vegas has taken its toll on this guy.

Most people don’t know it, but I am VERY anti-social and have serious issues with people and crowds.  It’s something I have had to work hard at overcoming for years, and I still have to work at it every day.

Thankfully, my friends bring me out of my shell most times.  Tuesday night, my friend and fitness writer Bret Contreas sent me a message saying that he was in Vegas, and wanting to know if I wanted to go to dinner.

My gut looked for every reason not to go, but in the interest of working on getting over my social anxiety, I said yes.

Bret is pretty laid back and I was Vegas’d out, so dinner sounded great to me.

I met up with him and Female Fitness pro Rachel Guy (great girl, check out her site),  and her friend Matt.  We all grabbed dinner at The Cosmo.

One bottle of red wine turned into two.  Bret wasn’t drinking at this point, but I love my red wine.

We had a great dinner, talking about everything from Dr. McGill, to research, the fitness business, hip thrusters (ya know Bret had to talk about that, lol), and much more.

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Nothing I love more than great conversations with bright, awesome people.

I had a happy glow on, and we were going to call it a night until Matt suggested we hit a bar for “a drink.”  Well, a drink it was!  A double Jack & coke was soon mine (when I drink Jack Daniels nothing good comes of it).

One drink turned to two, then Matt in his crazy accent asked, “Have you ever tried Absinthe?”

I had not.  Keep in mind I live to experiment, and I rarely say no (not from peer pressure mind you, I just have a real curiosity about new things). Absinthe it was.

The glasses were lined up.
Shots were poured.
Them magic began to happen…

Sugar, flames dancing…

As my favorite villain Bane said,

“Let the games begin.”

The last thing I remember was those shots.

Good times indeed! Vegas at its finest.

The next morning, I don’t know how I woke up, I didn’t set my alarm or set a wake up call,  but I woke at 8:37.  My fitness business seminar started at 9!

Heart & head pounding, I rushed to The Bellagio for what was an amazing day of seminars, but boy did I pay for it.

Word to the wise: Absinthe is powerful stuff! 🙂

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