The REAL Benefits Of The Shake Weight

The REAL Benefits Of The Shake Weight

The REAL Benefits Of Shake Weight

Hey Rob King here and I hope you are doing awesome.

I get asked a ton of questions every week and last week I got asked about the good ol Shake Weight.

If you aren’t familiar with the shake weight you may have not gone into walmart or watched any late night TV infomercials (please note I hate walmart and I hate late night TV Fitness ads).

The Shake Weight

As you can see the shake weight says many benefits such as

  • Strong Sexy Arms
  • 6 Minutes A Day
  • Scientifically Proven
  • Designed Specifically For Women
However let me say right off the bat that NONE OF THE ABOVE ARE TRUE.
There is ONE major thing that The Shake Weight is good for…….
Have a look at some of these videos and you will see exactly what I think the main benefit of shake weight is :).
SouthPark Shake Weight Is The Best!

Another perk of my job when blogging is I love this chic!

And of course just another reason why I hate youtube….


Imagine If Arnold had the shake weight just how big his arms would be!

Anyways I hope you had a laugh at this, if you bought a shake weight please keep practicing lol

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  • Derek

    Now that’s entertainment! haha XD

  • TC

    Hey Rob
    Great post on the Shake Weights! This Shake Weight thing is definitely a joke. I don’t how they actually justify that it is scientifically proven. Anyway, I had a great laugh watching the South Park Shake Weight video.