It’s Been A Great Week

It’s Been A Great Week

It’s been a great week of training, business and life and I just feel like writing.

So far it’s been an amazing week and tomorrow things are about to get even better.

I am heading to North Carolina to attend and present at Martin Rooney’s Training For Warriors Summit.

Last year was the first Training For Warriors Summit and it was an amazing experience.  It was an honor to meet everyone from the TFW Familia and to present.


You can read more about the 2013 TFW Summit HERE.

It was an incredible experience and I am pumped to meet new people and catch up with some old friends, I also look forward to hanging out with that Martin Rooney Guy :).

I will be doing a short presentation to over 125 people from all over the world on the Top 3 Things To Improve Their TFW Fitness Business.


TFW is an amazing family of fitness business professionals.  I look forward to sharing some of the amazing things we do at HeavyWeights Training Center.

Check my Facebook Coaching page for tips, pics videos and more from the TFW Summit this weekend.

While on the topic of presenting I was pumped to find out this week that my presentation in Oct at the Nor-Cal Fitness Event is now registered for CEC’s (Continuing Education Credits).

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To know that our fitness business all the way in Newfoundland Canada and the amazing results we get,  can help educate and motivate  others from all over the world,  and be recognized as a an educational course really makes me happy.

Growing up I always struggled with high school and university.

I was a terrible student and had a lot of trouble focusing.  It caused me a lot of grief for many years.

Until I found my passion.

I love my business and I love fitness and strength training.  Even though I was a failure at school in hindsight it worked out for the best and I love what I do.

At the Nor-Cal Fitness Event I will be sharing how HWTC has become so successful with our Body Transformation Programs.  I will be giving everyone there my best.


Along with presenting at the TFW Summit I was very happy to have my first article published in Personal Trainer Magazine.

If you are a personal trainer or thinking of becoming a personal trainer (and you should because it’s the best damn job in the world), I highly suggest you check it out.

My article is on “5 Tips To Be A Better Personal Trainer“.

Check it out on the Personal Trainer Magazine Page HERE.

Thank you John Spencer Ellis for the opportunity.

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On a totally different note, today I got a bucket of freezing cold ice water dumped on me :).

As  fundraiser for ALSO me and a few of my close friends and HeavyWeights Coaches Kevin Farrell, Megan Carroll  took the ALS nomination and for charity we had a bucket  of ice cold water dumped on us.

So far we have raised over $200 and I am hoping with everything combined at HWTC to hit the $500 mark in donations for ALS.

On the training front training is going good.  REAL GOOD.

Some of the best lifting and training of my life.

So far this week I have hit 2 PR’s in Deadlifts and Squats.

I pulled a 545 lb. deadlift Monday night and tonight I hit a 425 lb. squat.

Every day I have been hitting kettlebell swings, kettlebell goblet squats, sleds, and hip thrusters daily.

I couldn’t be happier with my training and nutrition.  Things have never been better.

Overall I couldn’t be happier with this week.  HeavyWeights Training Center is packed and full of high energy motivated people, my own students are getting PR’s and becoming leaner and stronger every day.

Today I am very grateful


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