Rob’s 5 Step Goal Setting Process

Rob’s 5 Step Goal Setting Process

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Today I shared my 5 step process for goal setting.

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Rob’s 5 Step Goal Setting Process

I can’t stress enough the importance of setting goals and going after goals.

But before anything you must identify clearly exactly what those goals are.

They must be specific and measurable and have a time frame.

For example.

I want to lose fat is not a goal, it’s a wish.

I want to be 20 lbs lighter in 42 days is a perfect goal.  It’s specific and measurable.

The other day I was cleaning up my notes in my iPhone and I found a note that i wrote as a goal in May 2014 to break the Canadian Squat Record (See the attached image).

I wrote it, i made it real, and then every single workout day in and day out I thought about that goal.

Here is my 5 Step Goal Setting Process


Step 1. Take Some Time To Think About Your Goals

Take some time to think.  Don’t rush it.  Find a place where you can think, be creative, be open minded and not influenced by any negativity.  This is important.  If you are afraid of your goals or can’t even dream them how are you going to achieve them?

So take some time, do some thinking and give some thoughts to your goals.


Step 2. Write Down Your GoalsGoal-Setting-350x474

Your goals are no good in your head floating around.  We all dream of big things and it’s common to fantasize about goals and things we want in life. The big difference is that you must write them down and get them from your brain into the real world.

Write down your goals on paper or in notes.  But pen/paper you can’t go wrong. I use a journal and iPhone notes

As well when it comes to goals don’t write down too many.  I find 1-5 goals is a enough.  I do short term and long term goal setting but if I set too many goals they get lost.

What is REALLY important to you?  Prioritize those goals.


Step 3. Share It With People You Know Or Put It Out To The Universe

You can tell your coach, you can tell your friends, you can even put it out to the world of social media (But always remember that for the 1 person that supports you 10 will want to see you fail).  So keep it close to your heart and close to those that care about you.

Remember for every one person that supports you 10 people will like to see you fail and not reach your goal.  Crabs In The Bucket do exist so be careful who you share your goals with and remember not to let ANYONE impact you reaching your goals.


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Step 4.  Get a Plan/Program To Get Your Goal

Maybe you need to hire a personal trainer, maybe you need an online trainer, maybe you need a training partner, maybe you need a program to reach your goals. No matter what you need get a PLAN of attack to reach your goal.

Don’t try to re-invent the wheel.  Find out who has done and it replicate it.   If you need to lose fat then get a proven fat loss program, want to improve your squat then get a proven squat program.  Want to start your own blog then find a program that gives you step by step details on how to do it.

If you need fitness programs to help my programs are proven to work.  Get more info on how they can help you and your goals HERE.


Step 5. GFGI

Go Fucking Get It.  No one is going to do the work, no on is going to care the way you do, NO ONE.  So if you want it then take action and let NOTHING stand in your way.

When you go after your goals you will encounter resistance, you will encounter stress, you will encounter haters, but you have to remember to not let ANYTHING stop you from reaching your goals. 

The first step however is taking ACTION. 

So set your goals and go fukin get it!


Exactly How I Do It

Here is one of the ways I do my goal setting.

I write it down in Iphone notes and then I screen capture it.  I write down ONE specific goal, and then day in, day out I think about that goal.  I set up my programming for training, everything I do is then designed to reaching that goal.

All those workouts that you don’t want to train, you will somehow manage to get them in when you think about a goal that is important enough to you.

5 Years ago my back was so bad I couldn’t squat.  So back then my goal was to fix my back so that I could train again.  When I started squatting my goal was to “Get Back On The PowerLifting Platform”, then after competing I set big goals and went after them.  After Worlds in South Africa I was almost ready to walk away from PowerLifting because I came 2nd last and I was devastated.  Then I decided to “Man Up”, give it everything I could, not make excuses and give it my BEST.  Setting a goal to breaking the Canadian Squat Record was a BIG stretch goal.

I broke this record and it’s something I will remember forever.


Follow my 5 step goal setting process, set big goals, go get them and dream bigger. 

Remember I am always here to help you. 

If you want my help go HERE for more info.

Coach Rob



I set this goal on May 8th 2014, and it happened on April 9th 2015.  That is almost a full year of thinking about this one goal and one squat!



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