Rob’s Top Highlights Of 2015

Rob’s Top Highlights Of 2015

 It’s been an incredible year, if anything this may have been one of the best years I have ever had, but I had to fight through a lot and overcome a lot to get there.

Five years ago my back was so bad that I couldn’t lift anything heavy or compete.  I am very grateful to get back lifting HeavyWeights and competing.

Some of the highlights of this year

– Competing at PowerLifting Nationals in St. John’s, placing 2nd overall

Breaking Canadian Squat Record (83 kg M1, 211 kg)

– Competing For Team Canada in Finland at Worlds

Placing 3rd at Worlds in Deadlifts and receiving a bronze medal

– Setting a CommonWealth Deadlift Record (252.5 kg / M1 83 kg)

Getting back on the BodyBuilding Stage for UFE Inssurection (placing 1st in Masters & 2nd Overall). Last time I competed in BodyBuilding was 2002!

– Competing for Team Canada at CommonWealth Championships in BC

CommonWealth Results 1st Overall Gold Medal (2nd in Squats, 2nd in Bench, 1st in Deadlfts)


– Having almost 100 people from HeavyWeights compete in PowerLifting Competitions in 2015!



It has been the best year of my life competing and coaching wise I couldn’t have asked for better.  Helping people reach their goals, overcoming injuries, competing, setting records, and much more. 


I am very proud of the impact HeavyWeights has had and I couldn’t have asked for a better year!


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