Team Heavyweights At St. John’s Regional Fire Truck Pull For Muscular Dystrophy

Team Heavyweights At St. John’s Regional Fire Truck Pull For Muscular Dystrophy

On Sunday November 3, 2013 St. John’s Regional Fire Department held their first ever charity Fire Truck Pull in aid of Muscular Dystrophy.

On this day Team Heavyweights stepped up and entered 8 teams for this event.

At HWTC we always do things as a team and pulling a Fire Truck this had Heavyweights written all over it.

For the past month outside Heavyweights Training Center there were teams of people practicing pulling trucks, jeeps, pick ups and more.

Nothing unusual for HWTC, but this time they had a purpose, a mission, and the team all came together to show their support.

Sadly for a few of my coaches and I we had already made previous plans for our Weight Lifting instructors course so we couldn’t make the event, but Heavyweights is much bigger than just me now, so my team went up and showed em what Heavyweights is all about.

As the pictures and videos below show it was an amazing event and I VERY proud to say that Team Heavyweights came 2nd overall (losing to a stacked team from St. John’s Regional, I want a rematch).

Along with winning second place we won what was MOST important to us, and that was the biggest team fundraising award.

In total Team Heavyweights raised $5000 for Muscular Dystrophy.

I love our gym, I love our Fitness Community, and I couldn’t have been any happier to see the results, the pictures and the videos and all the smiling faces.

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Thanks everyone I love our team and everything we do.









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