5 Reasons Why We Don’t Have Mirrors At Heavy Weights

5 Reasons Why We Don’t Have Mirrors At Heavy Weights

5 Reasons Why We Chose To Have No Mirrors At HeavyWeights Training Center.


When you walk into my gym HeavyWeights Training Center you will notice our gym is very unique and simple.  No fancy strength machines, no cardio machines, no cardio machines with TV’s to watch (the only TV has pics playing images of our members and our memories.

We also have NO mirrors.

This was by choice and design.


Here Are 5 Reasons Why There Are No Mirrors at Heavy Weights.


1. Mirrors Can Be Intimidating & Make Some People Self Conscious.

A lot of our starting members are very self conscious when they start.  Mirrors only make this worse for some people.  


2. Using A Mirror To Improve Technique Only Makes Your Training Worse.

Regular training in front of a mirror will eventually lead to impaired physical performance, with specific decreases in reaction time, rate of force development, and balance.


3. On The Platform There Are No Mirrors.

We have a lot of powerlifters that compete and one thing I always say is there are no mirrors on the platform.

The best PowerLifting gyms and Weightlifting gyms don’t rely on mirrors.  They rely on coaching and mind body awareness.  Not looking at yourself while you train.


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4. Looking At Yourself  & Others.

The gym shouldn’t be a place where people stare at themselves or compare each other in the mirror.  It should be a place that becomes your home away from home.  

The gym should be a place you feel comfortable.  Where you can be you, where you can work hard and become a better version of you.


5. Less Gym Selfies & “Bro Ness”

Does the world really need more gym selfies and guys getting a pump in the mirror?  I really don’t think the world does :).

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