Bicep Tear Recovery

Bicep Tear Recovery



This is a story of me and a nasty Bicep Tear and my recovery so far.

It happened about 3 years ago.  It’s a great story, but not if you have a weak stomach.

I can still remember the the sound of my Bicep Tear perfectly.

It sounded like someone taking a pair of jeans and ripping them, you could hear it all throughout the gym.  The only problem was I wasn’t wearing jeans and that RIIIIPPP sound was the sound of my Left Bicep Tendon tearing off the bone on my left arm.

I thought I was ok, at the time I was grappling and I said to my the guy I was rolling with that I think I just Fu*ked my arm, I still had movement, I didn’t have pain as such but I had numbness, but I was in complete denial and shock as my whole left bicep had gotten about 3 inches shorter.

Bicep Tear means off to emergency I go.

At emergency they were pretty good to me.  Funny enough the local doctor that was treating me tore his left bicep as well lifting weights, he was about 135lbs soaking wet and said he tore it doing preacher curls in the gym.

Then comes the inevitable question from him “Did you ever use Steroids?  They increase tendon tears you know”.  My reply was something along the lines of “Yes I do know that Steroids do that, did you use them when you tore your bicep doing preacher curls?”

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His reply of course was “No”, which was the exact reply I gave him.

Left Tendon In My Hand snapped as #3

Silly doctors.

Anyways moving forward, next step was my orthopedic surgeon.  He was a great guy (I have been to see him 3 times since), but he made it very clear to me that I would never grapple again, my martial arts and weight lifting more than likely was over, and I would never be competitive with anything again.

I was devastated.

I did everything I could to improve recovery on my bicep tear, I ate super clean, took lots of supplements to help (Cissus, Glucosamine, BCAA’s, Glutamine,  every joint product I could use I took).

I hit the gym regularly, training the other side of my body, and hitting cardio and legs frequently, I was determined.  I had 1 arm push ups mastered (I think at my best I did 30 of them, no joke).

My recovery was awesome and my MINDSET was unstoppable.

Well just this last week I did everything that my Orthopedic Doctor said I wouldn’t do, and I am damn proud (and maybe a little stupid but hey that’s me).

Right Bicep Tear While Sparing

Here is me getting some personal best lifts after 2 bicep tears and 1 bicep surgery (Tore my right bicep boxing sparing, but only outer head rupture, no tendon, so no surgery).

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Anyways here is me hitting Chin Ups with 50 lbs at The Arnold Classic, Doing Chins with 70 lbs at my gym Heavyweights Training Center & doing a Rope Climb from a dead stop only using my arms, and also doing clap fat grip chin ups.

Moral of the story, NEVER EVER EVER GIVE UP on anything you want to do.

And thank you to the amazing doctor that has the ability to fix something like that.  Incredible the professionals we have access to.

Please share your stories of overcoming, whether it’s an illness, injury, or anything at all. I would love to hear from you.



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If you have had any injuries like a Bicep Tear share them below.

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  • Troy

    Rob, thanks for sharing your story. Too often we get bad news and just accept it.


  • Rob King

    Thank you Troy I really appreciate it. We don’t realize just how lucky we are sometimes….

  • Wicked Rob. Great work. What kind of rehab / physio did they have you doing to help rehab?

  • Rob,

    So you helped the surgeon buy a new car.

    Can’t wait until your dentis stories.

    Rick Kaselj of


  • Rob King

    Thanks Man.

    This will go against everything I would recommend as a professional but I didn’t get any rehab or physio.

    I started with small movements, and progressed, and just slowly added lifting again. I have had 3 surgerys on my left arm..not fun. But I think it feels better than my right arm to be honest lol.

  • Rob King

    Ahh Rick Kasselj how I wish I knew you then.

    I wish I knew and read about guys like you Tony Gentilcore, Bret Contreas, Nick Tummenelo, Mike Boyle, Eric Cressey etc.

    I would never ever advise anyone to recovery from a surgery on their own.

    For anyone wanting help with injuries Rick is your man at


  • Thanks for sharing Rob. After going through a couple muscle tears myself I can relate to this stuff. It’s nice to see you coming back stronger after injury.

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  • Rob King

    Hey Lee

    nice hearing from you man, guess we are not invincible after all hey lol

    How is the arm recovery going?