Fixing Muscle Imbalances – Unconventional Tools

Fixing Muscle Imbalances – Unconventional Tools

A few months ago while in San Diego for the seminars my friend and injury expert Rick Kasselj asked me what the heck I was doing to get such amazing results with my members in such short a time.

We also talked about my long list of injuries that I have (herniated disc, 2 bicep tears) and then the Ricked asked to do an interview on Sled Training.

With so many of my own injuries and set backs there is nothing that I love more than helping someone overcome their own injuries and limitations, especially people with back issues as I know how mentally and physically exhausting back pain can be.

You can check out the blog post on Rick’s site

Here is the interview.

After this Rick and I talked about how I use the training sled for helping people overcome injuries and how I use the sled to help people get stronger, faster, and move better and one of my main pieces of fitness equipment for this is “The Sked”.

Not long after Rick contacted me and asked if I would like to be a featured fitness expert on his latest installment of “Fixing Muscle Imbalances – Unconventional Tools“, so I got comfortable being uncomfortable and said yes.

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A few weeks later I put together a game plan on how  use the sled to overcome back injuries, developing a stronger core, improving hip mobility, improving holder stability and much more.

15 training videos later I had everything I needed for Rick and Fixing Muscle Imbalances.


Below is 1 of the 15 training videos available on Fixing Muscle Imbalances.

If you are a coach, personal trainer, athlete or just looking to get healthier, build muscle and lose fat I highly recommend you check out Fixing Muscle Imbalances – Unconventional Tools.

Thanks Rick Kasselj for the opportunity and if you are reading this blog and I can help you feel free to add me and connect on my Facebook page at


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