Reader Question On “Type Of Bicep Tear”

Reader Question On “Type Of Bicep Tear”

“I have a question outside of my inquiry. I think I tore my bicep.  Thought it was my tendon but now I think it’s just a muscle tear.
Seeing as you have had both, could you explain the different feelimgs of each.  I was told with a tendon tear I couldn’t rotate my
 hand  with anything heavy , but I can.  It is very painful and there is purple in my arm.

Thank you for any info, Steve.”


Hey Steve,

That’s a really great question.

When I first tore my bicep tendon, it was not a fun experience and I was scared sh*tless,

I had very little pain and not much bruising, but I heard a big “ripppp”, loud enough that people thought it was my shorts that ripped.

It was not a nice sound.

It sounds to me that you have a muscle tear and not a tendon tear.  A muscle tear is usually more painful than a bicep tendon tear.

Depending on where you get the pain, it could be a tendon or muscle tear.

A doctor would be the best one to ask for the proper medical advice, but here is what I know.

Usually, if it’s by your forearm below your elbow, it will be a tendon tear.  This won’t cause much pain, but bleeding can be very little (which I had) to severe (which my brother had when he tore his).

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If in the centre of your bicep muscle, it will be a muscle tear.

Up towards the shoulder it can be a tendon or muscle tear.  A muscle tear will give you more of a “burning” sensation, whereas a tendon tear will give you more of a funny “something popped” feeling.

How do I know?  From personal experience of course!

But in all seriousness, go see a doctor and get it checked out.  A MRI will let you know exactly what is going on.

Please keep me posted.

Here is a pic of my left arm after bicep surgery.

If you have any good bicep tear stories please share them. (Yes, I am demented, I know).

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