7 Questions With UFE Pro Jill Nash

7 Questions With UFE Pro Jill Nash

Jill thanks so much for taking the time to do this interview.  Let’s start this off by talking about something big that just happened to you last weekend.  Fill us in!

Last weekend I travelled to London, Ontario to compete at UFE Showdown as an Elite competitor, with the hopes of attaining a PRO card. This is accomplished if you place Top 2 against other Elite competitors. Well, I managed to achieve, and actually surpass, my goal by winning not one, but TWO PRO cards! I’m still in shock honestly…can’t believe I did it.



A HUGE congrats on your success Jill, I know how hard you worked on reaching this.

Thanks Rob, success doesn’t come easy…but it’s so worth it.



Let’s go backwards a bit, what was your start in fitness?  We can even go a little deeper than that.  Start wherever you want and share your story.

Well, that’s a loaded question. We all have a story to tell, and mine begins way back. I was once obese and conquered that, but then veered into the other side of the weight spectrum and had to fight for my life in a battle against anorexia nervosa. Leaving details out which can be found in my book, Jill’s Rules: A Story of Strength, I recovered but still enjoyed cardio just a little too much. I had a friend who was transforming her body at Heavyweights Training Center through various programs and strength training.m I was intrigued and lured in, where I still somehow managed to resume training the way I knew best, through cardio. Then one day, my now coach and boss Rob King (that’s you!) said, “put weight on a trap bar and lift it.” So I did. I haven’t looked back since.
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Along with winning your UFE Pro Card tell us a bit about Jill the athlete.  You have competed in Power Lifting, Weight Lifting and more. Tell me about Jill the strength athlete.

I love to lift. It has changed my mindset entirely and healed my body image issues. I now focus on how much weight I can lift as opposed to how much I weigh and it’s very liberating. I have competed in several competitions from local meets to the Eastern Canadian Championships, always medalling, and most recently receiving a gold in my weight class as well as Best Open Female Lifter, quite an honor and achievement, especially as I near the Masters age division 😉



Now that we know a bit about Jill the athlete, let’s talk about Jill the Coach.  Tell us more about you as a coach and your coaching experiences.

Coaching is my real passion. I always knew I wanted to teach and help others and this is a beautiful combination of the two, it is my “why” for why I work hard and train hard…gotta lead from the front.  I started small, just personal training a few ladies here and there and it escalated, with further training and experience. Now, at Heavyweights Training Center, I coach several programs of various types from metabolic to strength focused, I have a large clientele for nutrition and/or strength training in a private or semi-private setting, I’ve coached bikini models, fitness models and powerlifters in local to international events. Heck, I was even an Assistant Coach for all of Team Canada at the IPF World’s in Salo, Finland last summer. I can’t wait to see what is store for me next.




When it comes to coaching what are some of your favorite coaching moments?  What are some things that make you proud to be a coach.

Gosh, there’s so many to choose from. I love when I see people truly change how they view and feel about themselves. Sometimes all it takes is for me to take a picture and to put it in front of them for them to realize how far they’ve come.  Today, for instance, I was coaching a lady who is stepping on stage at her very first bikini competition this weekend at UFE Insurrection. She is a young 45 years old, has lost over 50 pounds and is starting to freak out about getting on stage in a bikini. She looks stunning and has completely transformed her body, but she was only focused on her flaws. So I took a picture today during our posing practice of her incredible back pose, and showed her. She spontaneously hugged me and said thank you so much with tears in her eyes. That, is one of my greatest and proudest moments as a coach, she now sees how beautiful and strong she is…and this carries over into all aspects of life for her now. So happy being a coach and so grateful to help people.  

Jill thanks so much for doing this interview.  I really appreciate it.

If someone wanted to connect with you and get more info on you where would they go?
Thanks for taking the time to do this, I really appreciate it. I can be easily reached on my Facebook Coaching Page on Instagram, my webpage is www.jillsrules.com

If you want to train with me at HeavyWeights check out my HW Coaching Page.


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