Onnit Labs Chimp Bell Review

Onnit Labs Chimp Bell Review

Onnit Labs Chimp Bell Review


I have a recent training obsession with Kettelbells and the Onnit Labs Chimp bell is pretty damn cool  I have to say.

When I first saw the Chimp Bell I had two initial reactions.  My first was “That Is Bad Ass” my second reaction was “Is This Thing For Real?”

So I contacted Onnit Labs and since we LOVE training toys at Heavyweights Training Center I got one sent in for us to test and try.

After doing the Strong First Kettlebell Certification I have a new found love for Kettlebell training. Kettebells have made my movement better, my strength better and overall I just feel better using kettlebells.

Onnit Labs Chimp Bell Video Review

Chimp Bell Pictures



Rogue 35 lb Kettlebell & Onnit Labs 35 lb. Chimp Bell



Chimp Bell Review Summary

Overall I am very impressed with the quality and beauty of the Onnit Labs Chimp Bell.  It’s a fully functioning kettlebell and it’s something of beauty.

It’s so awesome that we even renamed the “Chimp Bell” at HWTC after one of our coaches Kevin Farrell and nicknamed the Chimp Bell as “The Kev Bell”.


I highly recommend Onnit Labs Chimp Bell you will not be dissapointed. 

Check out Onnit labs website at www.OnnitLabs.com.


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