Ruthless Mobility – Why You Need It & Thank You Dean Somerset

Ruthless Mobility – Why You Need It & Thank You Dean Somerset

Many years ago I hurt my back badly doing a heavy sumo deadlift without a belt.

My ego got the better of me and in turn I ended up hurting my back so bad that it set me back both mentally and physically for years.

I was about 28 at the time.

For 10 years I couldn’t train the way I wanted, I was in pain all the time.  I had seen numerous professionals trying to help my back but nothing helped.I was lost and almost given up hope completely of ever lifting or training hard again, I just figured I would hurt forever.

Then I decided that there had to be a way and I started doing some research into lower back experts.

One of the guys I found was a fellow Canadian by the name of Dean Somerset.

I checked out his blog, his youtube channel, his articles and I just kept reading and reading. Then I started to apply some of the things that I learned from Dean to help my own training and to rebuild my lower back.

One of the biggest issues with my back was my lack of MOBILITY.

To this day it’s still something I work on every single day.If you sit all day, have lower back pain, or are very stiff then this applies to you so keep reading.

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By following Dean’s advice and improving my core strength, glute strength and improving my hip and shoulder mobility my back pain is pretty much gone. I don’t take any pain meds, I train harder than EVER (competing in PowerLifting).  I won my division in the PowerLifting Nationals in 2014 and competed at the IPF Worlds in South Africa as a member of Team Canada.

None of this would be possible if I never learned from Dean and applied the information that he has.

If you suffer from back pain, if you sit all day if you want to get stronger, move better and keep yourself healthy I highly recommend you add Dean to your reading list and check out his amazing program Ruthless Mobility.




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