The Kaizen Principle – For Training, Fitness & Life

The Kaizen Principle – For Training, Fitness & Life

I learned about “The Kaizen Principle” many years ago from Charles Poliquin.

It’s something that has stuck with me for years  and tonight when I found myself saying “I’ll do later” because tonight I was “Too Busy” to train….

I caught myself doing it.  

I created an “Excuse”.

I don’t like excuses, they are bull sh*t, we are only fooling ourselves ALWAYS.

Then out of nowhere it pops into my head.

The Kaizen Principle.

Maybe’s it’s Coach Poliquin using a new mind trick to make me stronger, either way thank’s Charles.

The Kaizen Principle is simply this  =

The Kaizen Principle | Continuous Personal Improvement by Taking Small Steps at a Time.

I also remember reading it as “The 1% Principle”.  

The Kaizen principle is simply just IMPROVING a little bit better every day.  

Not a lot, just a little, but every day, always trying to do a a little better.



The Kaizen Principle
Kai – change (the action to correct)
Zen– good (for the better) Kaizen – Japanese for “improvement” or “change for the better” “To become better through change”.
The idea behind this concept is to make your improvements small, easy, and manageable so you’ll stick with them.

Kaizen Principle In The Gym

Small steady gains for a consistent period of time is a better way to train.

Forget trying to be a hero.

Train Smart.

Slow & Steady wins the race.

Check out my blog on how to use fractional plates for slow and steady gains.

Better to make a 2 lb. strength increase for 50 weeks, than trying to do all the work in shorter period of time.

Less Injuries, Less Setbacks = Better Progress.


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Kaizen Principle In Nutrition

Make the right choices daily and slowly improve on them.

Don’t try to “Diet” all out from day 1,

Don’t be that person that diets for 2 days every week and acts like it’s a huge deal.

Just eat clean daily and try to improve things every day.

Constant & Never ending Improvement In Nutrition.

I hate to cook, but when I train hard for a goal I know Nutrition is the #1 thing to get leaner, stronger and feel better in the gym.

Nutrition matters more than anything.  

Bad Nutrition is why people you see in the gym stay the way they are even though they are training all the time.

Constant & Never Ending Improvement on a cheat from your diet.

So what, it’s done, put it behind you, go train and move forward.  

Don’t lose 3 days to 1 mistake.


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Kaizen Principle in the Kitchen

Spend as much time in the Kitchen prepping your meals as much as you do creeping on Facebook everyday.

I guarantee anyone that trains that if you spent 1 hour a day cooking your meals and food you would be in pretty damn good shape.

Just think, the average user a day spends 4 hours a day on Facebook (Click HERE to read it).

You can find time to cook good meals.


Kaizen Principle Life

A simple question to ask every time you go to bed every night.

“Did I do my best today?”

What could you have done a little bit better today to improve my life?

Could you have gotten up a bit earlier to get my cardio in?

Could you have read a book instead of watch “Reality TV”.

Could you take the time to help someone with something?

Could you do a little more tomorrow to make your life better (and someone else’s).

Think about it…. Just 1 small thing every day.

Could you do a little bit more tomorrow to make your life/day better?

Take 20 min to read a book.

Take your dog for a walk.

Find 5 – 10 minutes tomorrow from being “Too Busy”, to doing something that’s making your life, or someone you know better today.

Give a compliment it doesn’t take much energy.

Just find that 1% every day for yourself and for someone else.

The Kaizen Principle – Constant & Never Ending Improvement. 

Disconnect From Facebook.

Do some prowler training.

Run Some Hill Sprints.

Find that 1% every day.

Never Stop Improving. 

A little every single day adds up to a lot.

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  • Troy


    Great post. I’ve used Kaizen principles in business consulting for years – both for engineering and process improvements.

    I love the application to fitness, nutrition, and life.

    Especially “Do some prowler training” and “Run Some Hill Sprints”!