Be Extraordinary!

Be Extraordinary!

“The Difference in Extraordinary and Ordinary is just that little extra.”

-Martin Rooney

Martin made it clear he didn’t invent that quote, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is how powerful it is.

A few weeks ago I was in Seattle for 1one day seminar with some of the world’s top strength & conditioning specialists.

They were Martin Rooney, Todd Durkin, Rachel Cosgrove & Alwyn Cosgrove.

Flying from St. John’s Newfoundland all the way to Seattle for a 1 day seminar most people think I am crazy.

But I am not.

Dedicated maybe.

Committed, damn right!

I learned so much that one day that it was easily worth all the money spent, the flights, the lay overs, almost missing my flight home because of customs, and all the other headaches that go with travel. But you know something, it was worth it, it is always worth it.

One of our presenters and trainers Martin Rooney said something that has stuck in my brain. As Morpheus said in The Matrix “Like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad”, well that splinter was one thing Martin Rooney said during our intense training session.

It was the 4th hour of 4 sessions in a row, I was tired, my back was achy, I wanted to throw up, I wanted to quit, but because of Martin I didn’t.

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“The difference in Extraordinary and Ordinary is just that little Extra.”

That little Extra.

Are you putting in that little Extra?

My clients doing the Rippedin42 program are putting in that little extra.

When they text me on a Friday night from the gym that they are doing cardio knowing they have a 10am intense session they next morning they are doing that little “extra”.

When they run stairs on a Saturday afternoon after doing a brutal Saturday morning workout they are doing that little “extra”.

Whey they cook, prepare, and pack their meals for a work trip they are doing that little “extra”.

When you get up every morning earlier and do an EXTRA hour of Cardio

When I say “Good Work” after their 5th set of TRX Rows and I think they are done and they say “I need to get 5 more” that’s the little “extra”

It’s commitment like this that makes someone Extraordinary. It’s commitment like this that makes people PUSH their limits, and get uncomfortable. 

I see it all the time.

Monday is the New Years for everyone who works out. Monday is a new year, a new start, until Friday hits, and then the process repeats. Mon-Thur are good, but then Fri, Sat, Sun are a write off.

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Think about it for a second, that’s 3 days out of 7 GONE!

People who are committed, people who get EXTRAORDINARY results are not waiting for Monday morning to get results, they are doing that little extra RIGHT NOW, today, to get results.

People who are extraordinary and are in shape are no different than you and me. They have jobs, they have family, they have busy lives, but they make that CHOICE to not give in and use these things as excuses. That’s what makes them Extraordinary. It’s not genetics, it’s not money, it’s not Supplements or Steroids, it’s that little EXTRA that makes them Extraordinary.

Thank you Martin Rooney.

That one hour session training under you has made me a better trainer, business man, and a better person.

It’s time to be Extraordinary!

Ordinary is for everyone else, it’s not for me, it’s not for my clients and it should NOT be for YOU.

Always remember just do that little extra. It’s what separates ordinary from extraordinary, that little extra.

Martin Rooney is the Author of Training For Warriors & Ultimate Warrior Workouts.

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