Free Bench Press Tips

Free Bench Press Tips

I am in the process of updating a lot of my books and reports and I found an oldie but goodie that I had almost forgot about.

I want you to have this, no email required, no anything, just download and read and post some feedback for me ok.

All I ask in return is that you hit the “Like” button at the top of this blog. That’s it.

Enjoy and please leave some comments below, this is some of my best tips to help you.

Click To Download —> 7 Tips To A Bigger Bench Press










Leave me a comment or some feedback below ok.  I would really appreciate it!

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  • Roman

    Great article. It is true what you said about backing off once in a while. I find this works on all exercises especially the larger compound movements. We know all that progressive weight is what counts but we all do get to a point where we get stuck at a certain weight. It has wlays worked for me to drop the weightby like 40# and then work my way up again. I soon find myself passing my previous best.
    One question which i didnt find answered was shoulder pain. I am tall, 6ft 3″ and my triceps are strong so a close grip is fine but placing my hands further apart always places a lot of strain on my shoulders. hense i have often stayed away from bench presses and have instead down dumb bell presses but i know when doing these my triceps often come into play as well.
    So i am not sure if the shoulder pain when doing bench press is something i can combat. Its not that my shoulders are weak – i think they are actually one of my stronger muscles, its just wehn doing the bench press they hurt. Maybe my elbow placement is wrong or i am lifting too high towards my face instead of mid chest – i dont know. To avoid the pain i just tend to avoid the bench press. Would like to change this though.
    Cheers for any input.