Bill Phillips Transformation Camp

Bill Phillips Transformation Camp

Bill Phillips Transformation Camp

Bill Phillips had a huge impact on me.  It all started with Muscle Media 2000 magazine (if you remember that magazine, you’re old like me, and you remember just how awesome that magazine was).

Along with Muscle Media 2000, Bill Phillips also owned EAS, which at one point was the biggest supplement company in the world.  As well, Bill has written two best selling books on fat loss and body transformation: Body For Life & Transformation.

Bill Phillips provided some of the best information on fitness, and he also played a huge role in me starting my own fitness business (Heavyweights Supplements & Heavyweights Training Center).  I was inspired by the amazing success he had in doing what he was passionate about.

When I saw that Bill Phillips had opened a transformation center in Golden, Colorado, and that he was offering a Bill Phillips “Transformation Camp Weekend,” I jumped at the opportunity.  I headed all the way from Newfoundland to Golden, Colorado for the experience of a lifetime.

When I arrived at “Transformation Camp,” a lot of the transformation members there were wondering what we were doing there, as were the coaches.  Funny enough, as we were shaking hands and introducing ourselves, Bill looked at me and said “wow, you must have already done the program!”  I smiled.

I was there for many reasons, but my own body transformation was just one of them.  I was there to learn how to be a better coach, a better body transformation expert, a better businessman, and as well to learn from the best in the world!

One of the rules I live by is to always be a student.  It is easy after 20 years in the fitness business to say that I know enough, but I never want to be one of those people who think that they know it all.  I always keep my cup empty, and have a beginner’s mind so that I can always learn, experience and grow as a person.

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Upon arriving at “Transformation Camp,” I was amazed at the great facility Bill Phillips had created with one thing in mind, Body Transformation.  It was an amazing spot.  Right from the entrance we were welcomed by the coaches, and treated like royalty the whole weekend.

Let me say first off that the coaches I met were amazing people.  I have always believed that having the right people is a key to success in business and Bill has done just this.  The transformation coaches were amazing.

Marty, Shane, Thia, Jeff…wow, you guys are inspirational!

You can see Marty’s story below.  When they showed this in the first 30 minutes on Friday, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.  Powerful stuff.

Marty you’re an amazing man.  It was an honor and privilege to meet you.  You are doing great things.

After meeting the other 13 members in our “Transformation Crew” (our group was known as “The Fit 15”), we started to talk and share our stories as to why we there.

The “Transformation Camp Weekend” consisted of three days of networking, education, training, nutrition & mindset training.
Overall, it was an incredible experience and I am grateful to have been able to experience the camp and learn as much as I can to make the lives of people around me better.  I appreciate any help in our Rippedin42 Mission, taking Newfoundland from the fattest to fittest province, and as well to improve my own life and experience.

What an experience it was!

I want to share with you some of my notes and big take away moments from this weekend.  There was so much great information that my pen never stopped.

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Bill Phillips Transformation Notes:

=> Change Occurs For 2 Reasons:

=> You’ll double your results and chances of success by doing things as a team or with a group.  Community matters!

=> Enjoy the process.  Forget about perfection

=> Don’t look back at the past.  Be present, and look to the future

=> “Find Your Why”

=> Transformation has to be more than fat loss, it has to be an emotional, spiritual & physical transformation

=> Ignore the negative inner voices

=> Obesity & being overweight is an 100% fatal disease

=> Neuro-chemistry is important.  Your mind can only go as far as your physical brain allows.  Poor food and unhealthy lifestyle impact your neuro-chemistry. Improved nutrition and exercise will improve neuro-chemistry

=> “Fear Will Get You Started, Inspiration Will Help You Finish”

=> Exercise is medicine

=> Food is the best appetite suppressant (eat the right foods at the right times)

=> Goal should be to get stronger and lighter (lose fat & build muscle)

=> Happiness = Purpose, Passion & Service

=> You will forget your goals if you don’t look at them everyday, SO look at your goals daily, if not twice a day.

=> Helper Therapy = Helping Others IS Therapy

=> Emotional fitness is as important as physical fitness

=> Routines get boring when results stop

=> Clarity matters.  You need to know where you are going to get there

=> Little things become big things

=> Whiplash dieting (losing & gaining weight) can be very damaging to the heart

=> Aim to get nutrients up & calories down

=> Most obese people are also nutrient deficient

=> Fat is like a tumor.  Someone with 40 lbs of fat to lose is like someone having a 40 lb. tumor

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=> Malnourished people have dim brain function.  Transformation improves brain function

=> Never underestimate your ability to make a change

=> Never underestimate your ability to make a change in others

=> Stay the course.  Everyone screws up.  Always be course correcting

=> Seek progress, not perfection

=> If you don’t plan, you become reactionary.

=> The scale is a liar (Building muscle & losing fat at same time can change you without changing the scale

=> It’s very difficult to be miserable while living in a state of gratitude, so BE GRATEFUL

=>  Use a “Gratitude Journal” and write in it every night (I do this.  It works!)

=> Adversity is a GOOD THING.  Be grateful for the adversities in your life

=> Always ask yourself, “How can I learn from this?”

=> Perspective is everything

=> Complainers attract complainers

=> A clear & concise view of the future allows for freedom in the present

=> Power is making good decisions in the present

=> FAW (Find A Way)

=> You are in one of two places all the time:
In Control
Out Of Control
Which one are you in?

=> The fork is the most powerful piece of equipment you have in changing your body

=> Leadership is service


You Can Make A Change ANYTIME.  Start NOW!

If your ready to make a change and want to transform your body & mind we are here to help you =>


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