My Training Progress August 2012

My Training Progress August 2012

I made it a goal of mine to really focus on my own training, nutrition & goals for the last 5 weeks, coinciding with the “Rippedn42” & “Bultin42” programs that finish up this Saturday.

It has been one year ago this week that the doors opened to Heavyweights Training Center, and I wanted to look back at the year and reflect not only with how great my business is doing, but also on how my training is doing.

Rob King 38 Years Old

It’s easy as a entrepreneur to get lazy, and use the excuse that I am “busy.”  (How often do you hear that excuse from people?)  This time I said that I would make no excuses at all, do my absolute best with my training, following the Builtin42 Phase II strength program that I wrote, and keep my nutrition in check.

I love to try new things with my training, and to see what works for me and what doesn’t.  I believe in evolving in my training, and in never thinking that I know it all.  The more that I know, the more I realize I don’t know.

“Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, and add what is uniquely your own.”- Bruce Lee


My Training

I have been following my Builtin42 Strength program, along with testing a few other exercises and rep schemes along the way.  I love training, so this has always been my big focus, good hard training = Happy Robbie.

I set some goals for this year, and for these 42 days, and so far they are coming together nicely.

My strength training focus has been on lower reps (almost everything under 10), and a higher volume of sets (5-10) per exercise.

I’m including basic exercises like:

-> Flat Bar Press & Incline Bar Press (With Thick Bar)

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-> Standing Overhead Press

-> Squats & Front Squats

-> Pull-Ups (mostly neutral grip)

-> T-Bar Rows

-> High Pulls

My conditioning focus (Notice how I didn’t say “cardio” as I hate that word) is coming in the form of:

-> Hill Sprints

-> Sled Work

-> Sprints

-> Finishers

I have done NO steady state cardio in the last 6 weeks.  None, and I haven’t missed it  a bit.  I have however done conditioning stuff like sleds, and hill sprints, every day, sometimes twice a day.

Most of my training has consisted of the Thick Bar, Poliquin Bar & all basic heavy lifts.

We have NO machines at Heavyweights Training Center, except for 1 cable machine.  For us it’s back to what works, and that’s basics.


Here are some of the lifts I am happy with this from this week’s training:

335 lb. thick bar bench press (most I have done in 10 years):

245 lb for 15 reps on thick bar:

3 Box Plyo Jump:

315 for 5 on Back Squats:

90 lb pull-up for 3 reps:

115 lb. pull-up for 1 rep (not perfect but hey it isn’t easy lol):

111 Push-Ups in 3 Minutes:

Strongman Log + 90 lb.:

One Min. Tire Flip Challenge:

Push-Ups With 50 lbs. Chains:

Kettlebell 70lb. Snatch:

Overall, I am really happy with my training, and I plan before I finish this week to hit at least 2 more goals: a 315 lb. deep back squat & a 465 lb. trap deadlift.


My Nutrition

I have said many times before but I am not a huge nutrition guy.  It just doesn’t excite me the same way that training & supplements do.  However, don’t think that I don’t respect and understand the importance of nutrition, because I know how much getting lean, muscular and strong is a huge part nutrition.

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My nutrition is mostly from the “Builtin42” nutrition program. It’s very similar to a paleo diet. I don’t consider myself a “paleo” junkie like a lot of people, but I have to say that right now is the best I have looked and felt in a long time.

-> Meat & Nuts Breakfast

-> AM protein shake with berries, greens, almond milk, Myofsuion

-> Lots of lean meats

-> Lots of veggies

-> Lots of berries

-> Fruits (post-workout)

-> Mixed nuts

I won’t go into exact detail here, but I have almost never eaten as much food as I do now in my whole life, which is a good thing.


I have been testing out some new supplements recently but here is the Supplements you would find in my house right now

-> Liquid fish oil (Nutra Sea)

-> Liquid L Carnitine (Dymatize)

-> Poliquin Supplements Multi-Vitamin, Pantethine 2.0, Wind Down 2.o (always have problems sleeping), Uber Mag

-> Myofusion (Gaspari)

-> Free Test & HGH Up

-> Pre-Workouts Cycled Craze (LOVE THIS), Neurocore

-> BCAA (Xtend usually post or during my workout)

-> Huge Super Shake after I train weights (Berries, Whey Protein, Almond Milk, Greens, 1/2 banana)


Training Around Injuries

Overall I couldn’t be happy with where I am in my training right now.

My back pain (herniated disc), is almost none.  I have managed with my training, soft tissue work, mobility etc. to reduce my back pain to almost none, which I NEVER EVER EVER thought would be possible.  It was only 2 years ago when getting out of bed was painful, and I almost couldn’t squat or deadlift at all.  Recently, I have been training heavy with little to no pain, as long as I do all the things I need to do to keep my back in check.


-> Foam roll (daily) pre-workout, and again late at night before bed (before bed I do almost an hour)

-> Mobility drills

-> Lots of core work, bracing, hard planks

-> Focusing on breathing & pulsing breath

My bicep injuries don’t bother me as much.  Lots of training with the Watson Ball has helped my grip (I have had 3 surgeries on my left hand and have torn 2 biceps, one requiring surgery and one just a muscle tear).

Overall, my bicep injuries and hand injuries no longer inhibit my training.


Overall Training Summary

I couldn’t be happier with my training right now.

At 38, I no longer use the excuse “I am getting older,” and I train as hard and as smart as I can.  I don’t use age, how much I work, or how busy I am as excuses.  I have raised the bar on my own training, and I expect no less from my Heavyweights Training Center clients, so I do my best to lead by example and not make excuses.

After this weekend, it’s time to set more training goals.  I have a few in mind, but for now looking back at the last 5.5 weeks of training, I am really happy with it.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below.


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