2016 CPU PowerLifting Nationals in Regina Saskatchewan

2016 CPU PowerLifting Nationals in Regina Saskatchewan

It has been an incredible week of lifting and coaching at the 2016 CPU PowerLifting Nationals in Regina Saskatchewan.

With 20 athletes from HeavyWeights competing and my own competing in bench only and classic three lift it made for a very busy but amazing week.

I flew from St. John’s to Regina on Saturday and got there late Saturday night. Sunday was a day of resting and getting ready for a big week.

First up on Monday night was my first time competing in bench only competition.

I have been working hard on my bench, and since I have been injured it’s pretty much been the only thing I could train hard in the gym. I put a lot of work into my benching and i was hoping for a platform PR but sadly things didn’t go my way. I went 2/3 hitting a 137.5 kg / 303 lbs on my 2nd, but I missed my 3rd of 140 kg / 309 lbs.

I always get stuck at the top part of the bench press, so it’s a bit of rest and the back to training to improve my weakness.

With 20 lifters from Team HeavyWeights a BUSY week of coaching also took place.

What is amazing about our HW PowerLifting Team is that NONE of our athletes joined HW for PowerLifting. They all joined for our programs like 21 Day Kick Start, Ripped In 42, Built in 42 & Strong Her In 42. In these programs we teach the fundamental basic lifts of PowerLifting the Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift and from there we build their foundation.

This year HeavyWeights again had the most lifters from a single gym at Nationals. We had 23 last year and 20 this year which is amazing.


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When it comes to my own lifting and competing it was not my best day on the platform. I went 7 for 9 missing my 3rd bench and my 3rd deadlift. Going into this meet I honestly had not one heavy deadlift session since CommonWealths and I had 2 heavy singles on squats 380 & 390 to test if I could hit those numbers. My hip was so bad this training block I couldn’t squat or deadlift so this had me very nervous.


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Come the end of the day I showed up, gave my best and did ok.


Now it’s time to take some rest, let some injuries heal up and get back stronger and better than ever.


Squat 1


Squat 2


Squat 3


Bench 1


Bench 2


Bench 3



Deadlift 1


Deadlift 2

Deadlift 3
















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