2016 PowerLifting Worlds & Winning A Bronze Squat Medal!

2016 PowerLifting Worlds & Winning A Bronze Squat Medal!

On June 20th 2016 I stepped on the Worlds Power Lifting Platform in Killeen Texas and I did my BEST to leave it “All On The Platform”.

I did my best & walked away with a Bronze Medal in Squats & 4th Place Overall at WORLDS.

This was by far one of the hardest things I have ever done both physically & mentally.

8 weeks ago my doctor told me that I may soon need a hip replacement. It was a hard thing to hear, I love lifting and I can’t imagine my life without it.

In the last 3 months training I couldn’t squat or deadlift anything without brutal sharp pain in my hip.

Everything about this prep told me to quit, but I did my best to push through, show up & just try.

I never planned for this & I am beyond grateful & happy!

I had to token my deadlifts because I was in a lot of pain.

I gave my squats EVERYTHING I had.




Proud to be a part of Team Canada for the 4th time & to be a 2 time Worlds Medalist.




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Thank you Marc W. Morris for the AMAZING job you did coaching me.  It was hard to put my trust in you, but you did an incredible job.  Thank you SO MUCH Team Canada is lucky to have you.

Thanks to Megan Carroll for everything. All those weeks/months/years training paid off.  I always believe to be the best you need to surround yourself with the best. You are the hardest training person I know.  Grateful for all the training we have had in the past and I look forward to what is ahead.  Iron Sharpens Iron.

Thanks to. Danielle Payne for believing in me. You kept telling me to just do my best, even though I doubted myself you never did doubt me. I would have quit 1000 times if not for you. Thank you for this.

Thanks to my HW Family, I am proud of my team & so happy to bring home a medal. I did my best and do my best to lead from the front.

Thanks to my Dad. I saw him before I left & I promised him I would bring something home.

Thank you to my Mom. Every rep I asked her for strength to get me through.  Today was for you mom, I hope I made you proud.


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I met some amazing people and had a great experience.






Now it’s time to eat, rest, heal & Celebrate Our Victories!

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