April 16/17 – What A Weekend! MM Open & 42 Day Orientation

April 16/17 – What A Weekend! MM Open & 42 Day Orientation

What an amazing weekend.

Things go started with our HeavyWeights PowerLifting Team competing on Saturday at the MM Open competition.

It was a great showing by our HW athletes and coaches.  They showed solid lifting on the platform.  We had a nice mix of experienced lifters and new lifters and it was a great day overall.  Our support from our members was amazing.

It was a great day and I am very proud of our HW PowerLifting Team.

Overall we had 16 lifters and they did a great job.



I have to give a special shout out to two of my female athletes that I coach and handled that day.
Jill didn’t have one of her best lifting days, but she still managed to walk away with the 72 kg open 1st place award and also best open female lifter award. 
Way to go Jill!
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Next up was Taylor “aka Tay Tay”. 
She doesn’t say much but she lifts like a BOSS.  She shows her strength with quite confidence.
She had a 9/9 day and broke 5 provincial records & had a great day lifting.
Squat 120 kg
Bench 56 kg
Dead 162.5 kg
Total = 338.5 kg
Bench Provincial Record x 2
Deadlift Provincial Record x 3
Total Provincial Record x 3
This is her 3rd deadlift after breaking the Provincial Deadlift Record for the 3rd time.
162.5 kg / 357 lbs. like it’s nothing.


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The next day we had one of our biggest 42 day orientations yet.

We had a mix of new members and returning members all ready to set big goals and get after it. 

With over 100 people starting their 42 day programs it was a packed house full of motivated people.



Overall it was an amazing weekend. 

I am very grateful for my HeavyWeights Family and my HeavyWeights Team.  None of this would be possible without you all.

It’s going to be a great 42 days!

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