It’s a pretty damn good feeling

It’s a pretty damn good feeling

I’m not gonna lie to ya, I have said to myself a least a ten thousand times in the last six months “Should I have done this?”

The question I was asking myself over and over and over was “Heavyweights Training Center, Should I have done this?”.

You see opening a business is hard, it’s the hardest thing I have ever done.  Going to school, that’s easy.  Training my members and helping people, that’s fun.  Opening a business and having the balls to say “Fu*k it let’s do it” is not an easy thing to do, not one bit.

My our new gym Heavyweights Training Center just opened up a few months ago and it was a big under taking for me and Danielle and a lot of our team.  It was a VERY difficult decision to take on a big business, more bills, more staff, more headaches, more stress, more WORK.  It was a huge step for us.  And as I said above every day I would say to myself “Should I have done this?”

Just another day at the office

Well today I had a day where my reply was “FU*K Ya it was worth it and then some” and let me tell you why it is worth every bit of stress, work, pressure, and then some.

When I coach and see someone get a personal best, when they do something they didn’t think they could do it is a pretty damn good feeling.

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When one of my members goes to his doctor after 2 months at my gym and his doctor says “Whatever you are doing keep doing it”, it’s a pretty damn good feeling.

When I see a female get her first pull up  it’s a pretty damn good feeling.

When you get Reese peanut butter cups, chocolate, red wine & a Batman shirt from your clients it’s a pretty damn good feeling.

When I can e-mail a customer at the age of 15 and have him tell me he is taking pre workouts like 1mr and I can tell him not to take it and tell him what I think he should be doing and focusing on which is food, training and fish oil and he listens to me it’s a pretty damn good feeling.

When you get a bottle of Jack3d Daniels for Christmas it’s a pretty damn good feeling. (I don’t advise Jack3d & Jack Daniels together but it will be fun lol).

When I see 30 of my clients changing their physiques, their health, their LIFE better with our Rippedin42 program, it’s a pretty damn good feeling.

When I have a great night teaching, training and I look around and I realize I am living out my dream it’s a pretty damn good feeling.

I have a simple question for you.

Ripped In 42 Transformation

If money didn’t matter in life what would you do?”

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For me it would be doing exactly what I am doing right now.  Teaching, educating, helping people, getting them stronger, fitter, happier, making someone’s life better.

That’s what I would do.

Want to see why I love what I do?

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It’s reasons like this that I love what I do.




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