Team HeavyWeights PowerLifting 2015

Team HeavyWeights PowerLifting 2015

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It’s been an incredible year for Team HeavyWeights PowerLifting in 2015.

We love lifting and we encourage our members to “Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable” and to step on the platform and compete in PowerLifting.

What is amazing about these accomplishments is that most of our lifters never started with PowerLifting. They started with our 21 or 42 day programs or Personal Training, and from there via education of lifting began to love lifting and started competing.

2015 PowerLifting Stats :

– 89 Overall Competitors
– 66 Provincial Level Competitors
– 17 National Competitors
– 8 National Records
– 1 CommonWealth Record
– 6 National Medalists
– 2 Worlds Medalists
– 1 CommonWealth Champion
As you can see we have certainly Raised The Bar on lifting in Newfoundland.


In 2013 our first HeavyWeights PowerLifting Team had 6 members.


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We love lifting weights and strength is an integral part of what we do at HeavyWeights.

Thank you to everyone who coached and competed this year, we have the best team.
2016 will be an amazing year and we will continue to keep educating and teaching people on strength and lifting Heavy Weights.






Would you like more info on lifting weights, getting stronger, and maybe PowerLifting? If so contact me.  I am looking to help people compete.  Contact me for more info on coaching (new lifters with no experience accepted).

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