If You Drink A Lot Of Coffee Or Caffeine You Need To Read This

If You Drink A Lot Of Coffee Or Caffeine You Need To Read This

If you are like me and you love coffee and caffeine keep reading.

I love coffee.  I start my day with 1-2 coffees mixed with protein powder, then I may have another one mid afternoon, and either another coffee or Monster Sugar Free before I train.

Did I mention I LOVE Coffee :).

Coffee and caffeine has numerous benefits for training, health, fat loss, and tasting amazing.

However there are a few drawbacks to confusing too much caffeine.

NO say it’s not true!

Sadly there are some drawbacks, but if you want to keep your caffeine high and maximize your results be sure to supplement with Magnesium.

If you have a lot of muscles and you lifts, or sweat a lot you increase depletion on magnesium.

As well if you drink alcohol you deplete your magnesium even more.


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So more than likely if you drink a lot of caffeine, train hard 4-5 days a week and drink in moderation your magnesium levels ae more than likely non existent.

Why does this matter? 

Does any of this sound like you?

Signs of Magnesium Deficiency

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The benefits of magnesium are numerous.  Improved bone health, improved heart health, positive impact on diabetes, improved brain function and much more.magnesium


Also let’s not forget building muscle, recovering from workouts and getting stronger.


So it’s important to increase magnesium and keep it high.

Be sure to add magnesium rich foods in your diets like Almonds, Avocado, Bananas, Spinach and Dark Chocolate.



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Personally I use a quality ZMA before bed, along with a Topical Ease Magnesium ever day. 

This helps improve my sleep quality (as I always have trouble sleeping and relaxing) and I also notice I am much stronger and recover better when  I use Magnesium and ZMA regularly.

Add in more magnesium from the foods above and be sure to take a Magnesium supplement.  It will help your training, recovery and sleep immediately.

I always start my day with protein and almonds (mixed nuts as well) in the AM and always a banana post workout and blend spinach in my post workout shake.


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