No Cook Meal Plan

No Cook Meal Plan

This is a guest blog post by my friend and a guy I really admire, JR Burgess CEO of Rejuv Medical.

JR is a great guy and I love the work he is doing.  Watch the video and read below.

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Hi, I’m JR Burgess, CEO of Rejuv Medical.

I have many of the same beliefs, and share the same passion of transforming lives as Rob. We are both completely fulfilled in our purpose and are constantly focused on getting our clients the best results possible. If you take a look at the photo below, Rob and I are just like many of our clients. That’s me across from him, 2nd man on the right. We both are incredibly busy and on-the-go at all times. One hundred miles per hour is an understatement. Unfortunately so are many of our clients, but we have learned how to find balance in our schedules to eat right so we can get the best possible results. For many clients, nutrition is usually the biggest barrier to getting the body they desire.  One can pound it out in the gym and ruin those gains by not having the best meal plan that works for a busy life.

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As a longtime trainer I have always found it difficult to get results for those that were always on the go. Today’s society isn’t as chill as it used to be, so convenient foods have become the ordinary as opposed to the occasional.

In addition to being on-the-go several of my clients didn’t have the time to cook or have the experience and enjoyment from cooking as I have had. For all these clients I have customized meal plans for them that require no cooking and hardly any preparation time. They found this to be the only plan that had ever worked long-term for them and the results just kept piling up.

In fact, in just 2 years time of customizing these types of meal plans for my clients, over 5 of them lost 100 pounds on this plan. I was amazed at their success because we’ve all been told you have to eat perfectly clean, cook all your meals, and eat foods you don’t like in order to be successful. I discovered it was the simple swaps that make all the difference. Food manufacturers are out to deceive everyday people that their products are the right ones. I knew better after all my research and I was ready to take a stand against the wrongful deception.

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I became known as the food police in my area. I know the best alternatives to every processed food ever created. The cleanest cracker, yogurt, protein bar, cereal, lunch meats, and the list goes on and on. Clients were just astonished of the foods that they thought were healthy were really just setting them back. Once providing the right foods, the results came easily.

Many clients say “I already do this” or “I am already on a different meal plan.” That’s great, this plan complements any program ever created. Just like the picture below, there is going to be a week where you are traveling like we were in this master mind photo, so just relying on fast food or not eating healthy because you’re on the go is not going to help you get the results you want.

There’s going to be a week where the kids are sick or you just don’t have time to cook anything. That’s when the “No Cook Meal Plan” could be the greatest complement to your workout regimen or diet plan. It’s there when you need it and it works like a charm. I know Rob is all about results, and he is one of the best I have ever seen at doing that.  That’s why he was so excited about this plan because he too knows that nutrition can be the biggest barrier to his clients and followers from seeing results. For those who struggle with time and can’t cook, this is the easiest meal plan ever created.

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