Nutrition QnA With Dave Ruel

Nutrition QnA With Dave Ruel

Dave Ruel has been a buddy of mine for a few years now. A few years ago Dave even competed at a show I created and promoted called The Heavyweights Classic, where we had Mr. Olympia as guest poser twice, needless to say we had a good laugh!

Pretty Boy Dave is a great guy and a wealth of information.  I hope you find this helpful and useful.

Dave thanks so much for taking the time out to do this interview. I am always preaching the whole “You can’t out train bad nutrition” philosophy when it comes to getting in shape, yet Nutrition is the factor that I hate the most.

Why do you think most people fail at Nutrition?

No problem Rob! Always up for an interview with an old buddy! ☺

No, you can’t out train a bad diet… without proper nutrition you won’t see the results you want, period.

People can fail at nutrition for many reasons, but the most popular reasons are:

•    People tend to over-complicate nutrition. Sincerely, nutrition can be easy to manage of you keep it simple.
•    People are usually not prepared! You need to be organized by preparing your meals in advance, have a specific meal plan, and be ready at any time.
•    Boring foods! Most people have been told that a bodybuilder should eat plain food to get big and ripped. That’s just wrong and that’s the #1 reason people fail at their “diet”. In fact, eating for bodybuilding and fitness purposes with complete disregard for taste has become one of the most detrimental concepts ever imagined.

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This question is more my own personal gain. I hate the kitchen, I hate to cook. Every time i have competed I ate the same stuff over and over, even now same thing. What do you recommend for someone who is “Afraid of their kitchen”?

Many people are very insecure in the kitchen, always scared, fearing that their meals would end up tasting like cardboard.

Why? Because cooking looks complicated and difficult when in reality it’s not… Heck, I became the MuscleCook with no cooking training or culinary experience. If I did it, you can do it too!

Cooking is fun and a lot easier than you think, you’d be surprised!
Also, if you follow my recipes, it’s very unlikely that you’ll screw it up, they are all very quick and easy to prepare!

One of the biggest excuses I hear for people not preparing and cooking their meals is “Lack Of Time”. Is there any truth to that? Does cooking clean and healthy food take a lot of time? How can the average gym goer improve on this?

Another excuse you hear too often! How come I have time to cook and others don’t? I’m a busy guy too!
The reason is ORGANIZATION!

When it comes to meal preparation, organization is very important. It’s tough making six meals a day. Sometimes the desire to stop at the closest burger joint and scarf down a quick burger is almost unbearable, especially on days where you feel a bit lazy. But if you organize properly, you can save yourself a lot of the anguish.

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The best way to stick to your diet is to plan your meal preparations. For example, you can cook up a bunch of chicken breasts from your favourite recipe, make up a pot of rice and some vegetables, and make microwavable meals that are very convenient. That way, when you’re feeling a tad lazy, all you have to do is open your freezer, reheat and eat!

Once you’ve cooked the food, you should definitely pack it by portion size and weight. I use Tupperware to store much of my food. The important thing to keep in mind is that your food should be vacuum sealed in order to lock in the freshness, as well as avoid freezer burn, which can make any meal  unappetizing. I usually cook most of my meals on Sundays, and it doesn’t take me more than 3 hours.

Whats going on with you Dave? Anything cool in the works for the New Year? Any cool projects or planning to compete again anytime soon? I think we need a Epic Dave Ruel, Lee Hayward & Rob King trip soon!

Lots of stuff going on Rob! ☺

I’m actually working on my new cookbook, Metabolic Cooking, that will be released in March 2011. I’m also working on a healthy BBQ cookbook, and a few top secret projects also!

No competition this year as work is the priority. As you know I am self employed and I need to focus on the right things.

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However, I intend to travel quite a bit. I regularly travel to meet with other fitness experts in order to learn new things and offer product and service quality to my customer. And yes, there will be a epic Dave Ruel, Lee Hayward and Rob King trip very soon as we will meet in January in Florida! That should be fun as we are all old friends from Eastern Canada ☺

Dave thanks so much for your time, is there any words of wisdom you can give to people when it comes to Diet & Nutrition? Also how about hooking my loyal blog readers a deal ☺

Just always remember this simple equation:


We all have our own stories and I’m glad I can influence some of them. I consider myself very lucky to be able to help people who have the same interests I have, and when you asked me to hook up your readers with a deal, I couldn’t say no!

Dave THANK YOU For the awesome information!


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  • Jamie shea

    Hey guys,

    probably the most difficult thing about sticking to a nutritional diet in my opinion is your friends. when the people around you are indulging in a 1500 calorie fed of burger king; its hard to resist the temptation. healthy food is all around us, but we fail to allow it into our diet. people need to become more informed on nutritional information, how to read food labels and how to make smart choices.


  • The most difficult part is that I work at two restaurants and everything just smells and looks so delicious and tempting!

  • Donald Hart

    I am mistified at what to eat ,when,and how often.

  • Amy

    Environment, working in an office where people don’t care what they eat! And definitely finding more natural/organic ingredients that aren’t gone bad or too ripe to even use. I can’t use family as an excuse anymore, I gradually weaned them onto stuff like whole wheat grains. Even my banana bread is made with wheat germ and apple sauce, they don’t even know the difference! HA!

  • tyler

    The most difficulty issue that I have with regards to nutrition is probably a combination of a couple factors. I have a fast metabolism and work out very hard, so for the amount of calories I need to consume it is hard to eat enough good clean foods to satisfy my caloric needs. I do not know how many carbs, protein, and fats I need to try and gain muscle. Having said that, with the food I eat, it is hard to stomach all of the bland or tasteless food, I have trouble creating great tasting meals that are healthy and beneficial to my needs. I am not on any strict diet, but trying to balance protein, fat, and carbs in my meals and make them taste good and work well with my body is a challenge for me. Timing is also another problem of mine, because I am working and going to school, my meals come at random times and I do not know if I should consume a pre workout shake if it is to close to my lunch or a post workout shake if it is to close to my dinner.

  • Eric

    The most difficult task that I have is trying to stay motivated to eat clean. Living in south Louisiana we have all sorts of tempting foods that are obviously not good for you. It’s very hard to not give into those temptations and eat those foods. I try to do it in moderation but at times I do give in. Another issue that I have is that I do not like a lot of “clean” foods because of taste. I need to try to find a way to disguise the taste…lol.

  • Clarence

    The most difficult thing for me is variety since I dislike cooking each day. The norm is whatever I cook will be eaten for the next two – three days. Which of course, becomes boring and makes the fast food options more attractive.

  • Arnar

    What is most confusing for me is recipes, so anabolic cooking would be awesome!

  • Shawn French

    Hi Rob,

    Great blog topic and it couldn’t come at a better time for me. I’ve been trying to get some direction with my diet but it hasn’t been happening. The hardest things I find are what to eat at the right time to maximize my diet, along with staying consistent for longer than a few months at a time.

    I’ll be down to see you soon, between two bald guys I’m sure we’ll come up with something!!

  • Coco

    I’m very similar to Tyler above’s comments. I have a hard time balancing my meals with the proper amount of protein, fat and carbs. It’s all just guess work and as long as I have chicken or turkey and veggies and some fat on my plate, I feel I’m doing ok. I hate to have to do any calculating. I’m not a competitor, but workout like I am, so I want my diet to match and ensure that I am getting in everything I need to give me the energy and results I want which is good muscle tone and less body fat. I am definitely one of those gals that is afraid of the kitchen and feel that eating bland food is the only way to eat so that I don’t gain weight (I know, silly thinking!). I seem to eat the same thing every day, eating bread and pasta at minimum. I also have a hard time with pre-workout (never know what to eat)and post-workout meals. I workout in the late afternoon, so other then a shake to keep me going until I get home for dinner, not sure if that is really enough. Can you help?

  • Frank Squires

    Biggest thing for me is that my “likes” are very limited…..I have to add since I met Rob I eat ALOT more than I used to thats for sure..But with the busy life style and travelling a bit the choices “out” there are very limited….Balance of Protein & Carbs as well….

  • TJ

    Hey Rob, been a while since I’ve posted anything. getting ready to come home from Afghanistan, my biggest issues are eating right when all you have is whats put in front of you at the mess hall, I’m at 12-14% body fat mostly from my lower back and my geno, hope I can get on a better diet when I make it back in 3days. Thanks for all you hard work to make sure everyone is staying sexy and fit!! Hoorah

  • Justin

    I would say the the TIME factor is the biggest thing for me as well. Not only is it time consuming to prepare nutritious and wholesome meals. The aftermath can be very lengthy as well when dealing with the mess. I live in a household with myself and my girlfriend and when I prepare two different meals sensitive to both of our likings(diet and taste playing the key factors) it can get very congested and messy around the kitchen. Cooking healthy requires marginally more effort because ingredients and foods are HIGH Maintenance ex:draining even extra lean ground beef, taking the skin off of chicken, etc… healthier more natural foods are usually more expensive and less convenient as well, this always makes you consider “one frozen dinner wont hurt” or “it says healthy so it must be”(also benefiting from no mess and cheap costs). Society makes eating fast and cost effective but lacks the beneficial attributes of a wholesome, balanced, nutritious and effective meal. This is one of the beat ideas I’ve seen because convenience is EVERYTHING!!! —–> —– combine that with a “Nutri System” type idea geared towards fitness and bodybuilding rather that sedentary weight loss and you have a billion dollar idea right there! *Patent Pending* 🙂

  • thanh

    the most difficult thing i foudn about nutrition is having family members who arent supportive of when i try to change and make my food healthier. instead of getting chicken thighs like we normallydo i changed to chicken breast for less fat and my family all seem to dislike it cause its alot more drier compared to chicken thighs. or eating just egg whites instead of eating the whole egg. my mum even told me, why would you buy frozen egg whites. just eat the yolks.

    I think also trying to find the ingredients is also very difficult, our supermarkets here dont seem to have a wide range of natural ingredients, even finding natural peanut butter was a bit difficult to find. and they also dont sell it in bulk in our local markets in australia.

  • Angela C.

    I think that the most difficult things for me are 1. friends, 2. being really budget low, 3. myself.

    I’m currently staying in Singapore, where getting the healthy foods (lean meats, nuts, fruits, vegetables) are all expensive compared to eating out at the local food courts or buying fried foods that they sell at stalls along the streets. Thus for me, getting a good mix of healthy foods AND staying within the budget that my parents have set for me (I’m currently studying and my parents are overseas) is pretty difficult as I don’t get a lot of money. I try hard to get a good mix of vegetables and fruits and to eat less junk. However, ’cause the food here is really delicious, I would sometimes slip and eat too much of the junk. So that’s where the “myself” factor comes in. I’m really aiming to reach my body-shaping goals for this month. Dave has helped me with the videos that he’s been sharing with his meals via videos and I am been trying things out. Really hope that I can learn more from him via his cookbook!

  • Jeffrey veron

    The biggest frustration i have is that i don’t know that many recipes so it always end up being that same thing every day. and it tastes really bad it is sometime just broccoli and chicken for lunch and dinner. plus i have no idea how much calorie i’m taking in. and thats my biggest frustration i have with nutrition.

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