The #1 Thing For RESULTS Period

The #1 Thing For RESULTS Period

If you have been stuck at all with your training you NEED to keep reading this.

If you go to the gym on any given day you will usually see the same people, generally doing the same workouts, and getting the same results (aka NO Results).

I know how frustrating this can be.  I experienced it myself when I was first starting into BodyBuilding many years ago.  I did EVERYTHING right (Or so I thought).

I trained my BUTT off, I got plenty of rest, I always changed my program, I got stronger, BUT I never got any bigger.  NADA.  And there is a reason why.

It’s the SAME REASON that people do hours of Cardio to get lean (dumb), tons of sit ups to get abs (waste of time).

You see it doesn’t matter your goal, if you want to Build Muscle, Lose Fat, it all comes down to ONE BIG THING.

That one thing is NUTRITION.

Sad but true Nutrition is the #1 thing that is going to change your results PERIOD.

I can’t stress it enough how important this is for CHANGING your body.

We see it all the time with our Rippedin42 program.  For example 70% of people that join our program are already working out at least 4 days a week.  Think about that.  7 out of 10 of our members are working out 4 days a week but NOT GETTING RESULTS.

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Once we get them in my gym the FIRST thing we tackle is their nutrition.

I would sooner see a client miss a workout rather than mess up their Nutrition for the day.

Notice how I don’t say the D word, Diet.  The reason is because of a few reasons.

“Diet” seems to be something you do for a short period of time.  Well what happens when you stop that diet?  You go right back to where you were before, if not even worse!  I have seen it happen too often.

The #1 thing you MUST do in order to change your body, health, energy is to change your dietary habits ASAP.

One of the biggest issues with proper nutrition is “What to eat”.  I know it is not easy to figure out.  It took me years of trial and error figuring out proper nutrition.  I put everything I know into Muscle Building Nutrition & Double Your Fat Loss to make it EASY as pie to understand Nutrition depending on your goal.

Another big thing aside from what to eat is how to eat.

I personally hate cooking. I have said this time and time again, I am just not someone who likes to cook, however when I dial it in and want to make gains I get my butt in the Kitchen and start cooking.  As well my girlfriend Danielle is a great cook which helps us big time.

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One great resource I strongly recommend you check out is Anabolic Cooking.  It is one of THE BEST Cookbooks out there and right now it is on sale this week.  Regular price is $77 and it’s on sale for $40 Off….this is the LOWEST Dave has ever had Anabolic Cooking available for.

=> Metabolic Cooking On Sale For $37

Here is one of my Favorite Recipes from Anabolic Cooking, Simple, Easy and notice REESE BUTTER CUP lol.  That will do it for me anytime :).


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