Rob’s Review – Wahlander PowerLifting Belt

Rob’s Review – Wahlander PowerLifting Belt

Rob’s Review – Wahlander PowerLifting Belt Review

A good PowerLifting belt is something close to my heart.

Many years ago when I was young and stupid I was doing a very heavy PR deadlift without a belt and I hurt my back, badly. It was something that set my life and my training back many years.

Since then I do about 80% of my training beltless but when things get heavy I use a PowerLifting belt.

I consider a good powerlifting belt to be an investment for your training and your health.

When I was in Finland competing at the 2015 PowerLifting Worlds my current belt (Rogue Single Prong) was not allowed to be used because of the new IPF rules.  I was not happy about this, not at all.  It was the belt I was using for years and I loved it.  Once you use a belt for a while it becomes comfortable and feels amazing.

It didn’t matter if I liked it or not, I couldn’t use it so I had to scramble and get a belt.   I didn’t want to borrow a belt from a competitor and I hated to buy a new non broken in belt but I had no choice.  Things were not looking good.

NEVER change your PowerLifting gear last minute.

I looked around the venue and found the Wahlander booth with their belts.  I fell in love immediately with the look of the belt.  Something looking good is one thing, how was it going to fit and feel?

As soon as I had the belt in my hands I loved it.

I tried it on and I could swear this belt was made for me.

It was not as thick or heavy as my Rogue belt, but still very tight, rigid and comfortable.

I was IN LOVE.

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