Round Back Deadlifts Can Be Good… For Some People

Round Back Deadlifts Can Be Good… For Some People

Rant Ahead.

The internet is full of “experts” and opinions that don’t really matter. Once you post something to the internet the keyboard warriors come out to attack.

Here is my rant for the day.

People who are form nazis on deadlifts.

I have coached MANY people over the years from people with spinal fusion and surgery all the way up to worlds level PowerLifters. I also managed to take home a bronze medal at IPF World PowerLifting Championships in Finland in June. I also have 3 bulging discs and 1 herniated disc, so I know a thing or two about bad backs and injuries.


While I don’t know everything about deadlifts I know a thing or two and I know this….




Some people because of the way they are made are strong and safe with round backs. It’s their body type and their genetics and to make them go to “Neurtal Spine” you make them weak and increase their chances of getting hurt.


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Now before all the natural spine nazis come out and attack I am not saying this is for everyone. I am saying that for an athlete or a competition it’s VERY SAFE and fine.

For the average person who just started lifting and is learning to deadlift form and attempting to reach perfect form is priority. HOWEVER for an athlete or a competitive athlete this is not the case.



I have coached many athletes who curve through their upper back and they are FINE.


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There is a BIG DIFFERENCE between rounding your T-Spine (Fine) and rounding your L-Spine (Not so good).


Some of the BEST dead lifters in the world round and use this to their advantage.




Lamar Gant

Lamar Gant – 634 lb Deadlift @ 123 lbs he has also pulled 672 at 132

Vince Anello


So when I hear people rant “your gonna hurt your back” or “you don’t know how to deadlift”.

Go tell multiple world champions they don’t know how to deadlift and they are going to hurt their back. Instead worry about your own deadlift, stop commenting on other peoples form and please do me a favor and fuck off :).

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