Thank You Stu McGill

Thank You Stu McGill

I received an email yesterday from my mentor and friend Stu McGill that his new book was being released.  If you don’t know of Stu you can check him out at Backfitpro Inc.​ and his website

Stu is literally a life changing person.

I met Stu a few years ago at a 2 day seminar in Arizona.  At the time my back was terrible.  I couldn’t squat 200 lbs without agony.  I couldn’t deadlift, and day to day life I was always in pain.  You can read about my 2 day workshop in Arizona with Stu here.

I made it a point to go and meet him and learn from the best in hopes that I could somehow recover and not have to get back surgery (as I have 1 herniated disc, 3 bulging discs and severe arthritis in my spine determined by a MRI).

I met Stu and I learned so much.  It was a life changing experience to meet and learn from him.

He taught us so much that weekend and I kept learning from him with his books, videos, articles and more.

I first learned about Stu from Testosterone Nation​ website.

Fast forward a few years and after applying much of what I learned from Stu I have pretty much NO back pain (when I used to wake up it would take me 30 min to stand up straight before).

Not only do I have no back pain I am competing in PowerLifting at a level that I NEVER would have thought possible before.  Never would I have dreamed that I would have competed for Team Canada at Worlds.

In the past 3 year since overcoming my back injury I have
– Competed For Team Canada Twice (South Africa & Finland)

– Won A Bronze Medal In Deadlifts at 2015 Worlds In Findland (83 kg M1 divison with a 252.5 kg pull)

– Broke The Canadian Squat Record at the 2015 Nationals in St. John’s (211 kg Squat at M1 83 KG Division)

– Set CommonWealth Championship Deadlift Record (252.5 kg at 83 kg).

None of this would be possible without the amazing coaches and people I have met over my lifetime, but I wanted say a big THANK YOU to my friend Stu.

I will always be grateful.

Next up CommonWealth Championships in BC in November!

Bronze Medal Deadlift 252.45 kg / 555 lbs. at 82.5 kg 181.5 lb bodyweightThis was the lift that mattered to me most for so many reasons.Back in 2000 I hurt my back badly attempeting a 500 lb. Deadlift. This injury took me out of lifting & competitive PowerLifting until 2013. To get back on the platform.& lift is a dream come true. To place 3rd in the World in my division I never could have dreamt this 5 years ago.Dream bigger, set big goals, surround yourself with the right people & NEVER give up on your dreams & goals.#ironsharpensiron, #neverquit, #heavyweightsfirlife

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