Understanding Shin Angle On Squats

Understanding Shin Angle On Squats

Understanding Shin Angle On Squats

Yesterday I tested one of our clients on going from a high bar squat to a low bar squat.

Even though she has a great squat pattern but I figured that testing low bar would be a good choice.

She has very tight calves/soleus from years of wearing high heels so this plays a role as well.

When looking at shin angle in a squat I don’t mind seeing the knee line up with toes, but I don’t like the knee going past the toes.

Yesterday I had her do 1 rep with a high bar back squat, then 1 rep with a low back back squat.

A few things to look at

1. Shin Angle – There is much more shin angle on the left image

2. Hip Depth – With A Lower Bar She Is Able To Hit Improved Depth

3. Less Bar Distance To Travel – With A Low Bar Squat There Is Less Distance To Go

4. Improved Hinge – Always A Good Thing


Some ways to improve your shin angle.

1. Elevate Your Heels (squat shoes rule)

2. Try Low Bar Squats

3. Push Your Hips Back When Squatting Not Just Down

4. Open Your Stance A little

5. Push Knees Out As You Squat Allowing More Depth In The Bottom

Look for more information and videos on hinging, squatting and low bar vs. high bar coming soon.

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Happy Lifting!

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