Eccentric Hooks

Eccentric Hooks

How To Use Eccentric Hooks In Your Training:

When I was at Charles Poliquin’s Big Signature Certification, a few of the guys there were talking about Eccentric Hooks.

The dudes (and the dudette) from Poliquin’s Team are kinda jacked.  So, when they spoke I listened.

I had seen these used in videos before, but I had never tried them in my own training (I don’t miss big box gyms), so I ordered a pair and wanted to give them  a try.

So tonight me and my training partner got to play around with eccentric hooks using a thick bar.

Benefits Of Eccentric Hooks

Bottom line: the “Eccentric” part of the rep is where the muscle gets stronger and bigger.  This is the part as well that generally tears you up and makes you sore.

To get stronger on any exercise, it’s always important to focus on negatives aka “Eccentrics.”

However, sometimes going to heavy on eccentrics can tear you up.  Say you can bench 315 lb, for one rep.  Working with a weight heavier than your 1 rep. max can be good, but it also increases your change of injury.

Enter Eccentric Hooks.

They let you lower a heavier weight under control, then when you go to do the concentric part of the rep, you can still be explosive and strong.

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The Workout

Tonight I got a 300 lb. thick bar bench.  I was happy with that.  Getting over some old injuries and focusing on getting stronger again for the next 6 weeks.

I had a competitive powerlifting number of 372 lb bench at a bodyweight of 192 lbs. (I think those were the stats).

Anyways, I have always loved to bench, so I want to get back to a 365 bench.  The training starts now.

Tonight’s workout:

-Band Work

-Thick Bar Benching Working Up to 300 lb. (Backed it off after that)

-2 sets of 5 at 225 then we switched over into playing with Eccentric Hooks

Here is our first work set with Eccentric Hooks:


For more info on Fat Gripz Eccentric Hooks, go here =>

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