Rogue Fitness Equipment

Rogue Fitness Equipment

I can’t deny it I have an addiction.

Well, I actually have many addictions (more on that another time), but one of my addictions is quality training gear.

I love using quality training gear.  There is nothing like it.

When it comes to quality gear I highly suggest Rogue Fitness.

I know a lot of people think that this is Crossfit gear, yes they sponsor Crossfit but I DO NOT CROSSFIT (more on that if anyone is interested).  But the quality of Rogue Gear is just straight up sick.  Don’t think that because you don’t crossfit this gear isn’t for you.  No matter your “style” of training Rogue makes killer gear.

Ever see a kid on Christmas day?  That’s me when an order of Rogue Fitness Equipment shows up at Heavyweights Training Center.

I am actually unsubcribing from all e-mail lists that I don’t read or follow (you should join mine because I will always give you great info), but when I get an e-mail from Rogue I always open it.

I don’t care for Big TV’s, I don’t care of new sound steroes for my jeep.  I don’t care for brand name clothing.  But one thing I LOVE investing in is quality training gear for my gym and my clients.

Just today I ordered two of the new R 6 Power racks.  These racks are QUALITY

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As well as you can see from the tour of my gym below I love my Rogue Gear

The ULTIMATE Garage Gym

Some of my favorites are

[nggallery id=2]

If you have a home gym or you are looking to build one I strongly recommend Rogue Fitness, their quality and service is TOP NOTCH.

For more information on Rogue check out their site

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