T-Nation Dead-Squat Bar Review

T-Nation Dead-Squat Bar Review

I have been a huge T-Nation fan since they came online back in 1998.

It was an honor to get my first article published on there because T-Nation is full of the best of the best fitness writers and coaches (in case you missed it you can read the article here => The Farmers Walk Cure).

Along with having some of the best articles ever on everything related to strength training, fat loss, performance and more they have also recently launched a new fitness equipment line.  They offer both the T-Nation Prowler and the T-Nation Dead-Squat Bar.

I have both at Heavyweights Training Center so I decided to do a review on the Dead-Squat bar.

First off you can read more on the T-Nation Dead-Sqaut bar on their site by going here.

Dead-Sqaut Bar Video Review

You can watch the video below where I compare the T-Nation Dead-Sqaut bar to our conventional Trap Bars that we use at Heavyweights Training Center.


Dead-Sqaut Bar Review

Dead-Squat Bar Quality

First off the Dead-Squat is a very nice piece of fitness equipment.

I am a big believer in the theory of “Buy Right, Buy Once” for my life and for my gym.  I would rather spend money for quality than go cheap and the quality of the Dead-Squat bar is top notch.

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The quality is top notch.  The metal is high quality and I know this bad boy will last a long time.

Dead-Squat Bar Beauty

Bottom line the Dead-Squat bar is a NICE piece of fitness equipment.  To me it’s like using a Mac laptop compared to a windows laptop.  The Mac is better in every way and it’s also beautiful to use and look at.  Same thing applies for the Dead-Squat bar.  The colors of black and red are beautiful and the powder coat and quality is top notch.

Screen Shot 2013-07-27 at 5.39.20 PM


Dead-Squat Bar Compared To Normal Trap Bar

Oddly enough you don’t see a lot of trap bars in most gyms these days which I don’t understand.

They are low cost, easy to use, pretty durable and in my opinion an easier way to teach deadlifts which progresses nicely into bar deadlifts.

A normal standard trap bar only costs between $200 – $300 max.  I got all mine through The Treadmill Factory in Canada.

Standard trap bars are great but they have limitations, the main thing being how much weight you can add.

Now I know that this won’t make much difference to a lot of people but once you build up a good base of strength the standard trap bar can only hold up to 505 lbs (that’s using elastics to keep the plates locked in place as you can’t fit clips on the end with that much weight)

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The T-Nation Dead-Squat bar can hold up to almost 800 lbs which is crazy.

The only drawback of the T-Nation Dead-Squat bar versus a normal trap bar is the ability to flip the handles (as seen in the video above).  I like the ability to do high handle and low handle trap bar deads.  For anyone with mobility issues this allows me to not have to force them to hinge/squat as deep.  The alternative is to deadlift off blocks or plates but I like being able to flip the standard trap bar.  There are many benefits to doing this and it’s the only drawback I have of the Dead-Squat Bar.




Dead Squat Bar Training Videos


I love the Dead-Squat bar and highly recommend it.  Deadlifts are one of the best exercises you could ever do and the Dead-Squat bar is a nice alternative to standard deadlifts and normal trap bars.

Remember train hard, have fun and happy lifting 🙂


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  • Thank you for explaining the difference between a trap bar and the dead squat bar. While I have yet to do my first trap bar deadlift, I have become much more interested in starting since reading about the benefits of deadlifting with a trap bar. The dead squat bar is probably not something I will ever need considering the weight load, but it sure looks like a fine piece of equipment for someone who can lift over 500 pounds! I am just up to 200 pounds and I am not complaining at 60 because deadlifts have helped me in crossing the bridge from fat to fit and from depression to a better life. Did you know how great deadlifts are when compared to prozac? Neither did I but I am glad that I found out before it was too late.