Ultimate Sandbag Review

Ultimate Sandbag Review

Have you checked out the Ultimate Sandbag?  Have you tried it in your training yet?

I know that we all have a tendency to do the same workouts, day-in day-out.

We always use standard 45 lb bars, dumbells & machines, but change is GOOD, and using a sandbag is a fun and amazing tool to ramp up your training.  This is especially so if you are any type of martial artist, training in disciplines like MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, wrestling, Judo, etc.

Even if you aren’t involved in any combat sports, using a sandbag for your training can offer numerous benefits.

Benefits Of Sandbag Training:

  • Conditioning
  • Strength
  • Grip
  • Low Cost
  • Versatility
  • Creativity in Training
  • Core Strength
  • Tendon & Ligament Strength

Sandbag Exercise Selection

Sandbags have a crazy-wide variety of exercises that can be used.

Below are some of my favourites. Keep in mind there are hundreds of exercises you can do, and if you think about it, the only limit is your imagination.  Who says you have to do the same lifts all the time?  Get creative, have fun and see which ones you personally enjoy.

Information On The Ultimate Sandbag

The Ultimate Sandbag is the first product of its kind.  It’s a sandbag designed to meet the demands of elite strength and conditioning programs. Sandbags have long been seen as the most challenging in odd object training, yet sandbags have also been seen as messy, not versatile, and uncomfortable for many trainees.

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The Ultimate Sandbag solves all of these issues with two patent-pending systems: the Ultimate Shell and Ultimate Filler Bags. The Ultimate Shell comes with seven handles as well as a non-abrasive material that allows trainees to grab onto the shell itself. This provides immense versatility, and allows the coach/trainer to create progression exercises for client success.

The Ultimate Sandbag shells are also unique in having an interior lining in the shell to prevent any dust or sand from leaking.  This is way beyond many poorly-made sandbags, where sand can easily penetrate the material.

The second component to the Ultimate Sandbag program is the patent-pending filler bags.  The filler bags actually hold the sand and allow for clean and easy removal of weight without the unwanted mess of sand or dust. The dimensions of the filler bags allow for progressive loading while not compromising the integrity of the filler bag.  A properly-loaded filler bag will allow shifting of the sand, one of the key components in proper sandbag training.

The advanced shell measures 27”L x 13”W, and is the heaviest Ultimate Sandbag and best for Strongman training. Developed for those serious sandbag training athletes and fitness enthusiasts who like to lift heavy sandbags overhead and perform strongman-like feats, this is the perfect package! The advanced shell can work with as little as 80 pounds up to approximately 180 lbs.

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This package comes with large advanced shell bag and three Large Filler Bags (loadable from 20-40 lbs). Includes a FREE DVD. Sand is NOT included.

Perfect for:

  • Wrestling Training
  • Strongman-type lifts; Stones, Log Lifts, and Heavy Carries
  • Odd Object Training
  • Barbell-Type Complex Lifts

For More Information On The Ultimate Sandbag Click HERE to go to their Website.

For one of the BEST Training Programs  with the Sandbag, Check out Bags, Bells & BodyWeight by Travis Stoetzel.

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